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Wallmania continues – John Wall is ready to trim his list this week

John Wall - BDN Photo
John Wall - BDN Photo

John Wall has returned from Miami where he took a look at the facilities, met the president and took in a baseball game and, of course, South Beach.  According to Wall, he will trim his list to two or three schools on Thursday or Friday of this week.

How was the visit to Miami?

It was good, I toured the facilities, went to a baseball game and met with their president.

Did you see South Beach?

Yeah, got to see south beach.  It was really hot down there.

On Friday, Calipari came in, can you talk about that visit just a little bit?

He [private] just said the same thing he was saying at Memphis, nothing had changed.

Will you visit Duke?

I don't know yet.

So you may work out something?


Do you have any idea when you will trim your list or make a decision?

This week.  At the end of the week.

Is there a number you are looking for, two, three?

Yeah, two or three.

Just briefly, can you tell me where you are in the process?  Are you talking it over with those around you ...

I guess, just  that.

What are your plans in the next couple of days?

Just to get some rest.

Okay, I appreciate your time.

It's safe to say that John Wall is playing it very close to the vest for now as seen by the above answers.  Talk about this on the message board. [/private]