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Plumlee, Singler, Smith post game interviews

Rick Crank for BDN Photo

BDN has some audio chats  from Duke's win over Cal Poly last week which we couldn't get up due to time constraints.  But as promised here are comments from Mason Plumlee, Kyle Singler and Nolan Smith who all stated that as a team they can play better.

Mason Plumlee post game one on one -


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Kyle Singler -

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Nolan Smith -

Pre Season ACC POY Kyle Singler ready for a leadership role

Kyle Singler was a unanimous 1st Team All ACC choice

CHARLOTTE - Duke senior and pre season Player of the Year selection Kyle Singler chatted up media members during ACC Operation Basketball.  BDN was there to get his thoughts and we have over one hour total of audio with him.  Here is part 1 where my pal Barry Jacobs asks several questions to start it off.

No fear in the competitive Kyle Singler

kyle singler interview
Singler started off the year in the spot light. Now the NCAA is upon us and there is no brighter llight than playing in the South Regional - BDN Photo

Durham, N.C. - Coming off an MVP performance and helping lead Duke to the ACC Tournament Championship, Kyle Singler prepares for the NCAA South Regional where Duke will face Arkansas Pine Bluff.  After the title game this past Sunday, I made a comment to Kyle in an interview about having no fear.  I mean this is the guy who almost wiped out Dick Vitale going into the stands after a loose ball and he talks about that in this audio clip from yesterday's press conference.  By the way, Krzyzewski has nice things to say about Singler in another audio clip posted prior to this.  Plain and simple, Kye Singler is one tough Hombre.

Just press play -

BDN Premium Q & A – Kyle Singler talks about the tournament

Kyle Singler - BDN Photo
Kyle Singler - BDN Photo

Kyle Singler sat down and answered a few questions just after Monday's practice.  The Blue Devils will soon head to Boston for their Sweet 16 match up with Villanova.

Are you still running on adrenaline from the last game or is that behind you now?

Shoot!  I'm still kind of running on it.  I'm still running on it from a couple of weeks ago - the ACC Tournament.  We're in a good place as a team and we're having a lot of fun. [private]

Was there a time this season when you didn't think this Duke team would make it this far?

Afraid is not the word, but throughout a season you're going to go through your highs and lows as a team.  It's the time where you bond as a team and I think this team has a good chemistry.  And, um, it's tough to break up this team, we've gone through tough times, we've gone through good times.  We know what both sides are like.  There really was no time in the season when we felt like the season was going in the tank.

What's it like to play these late games which end after midnight?

We're kind used to them by now.  You try to break up the day by taking naps so it really doesn't seem like a midnight game.  I think the one thing that happens is the game isn't over until 2:00 or so after interviews.  It's tough to go to bed after those games.  You're looking at a 3:30 or 4:00 bedtime.

You're a west coast guy, so you should be used to it ...

(smiling) Yeah, well I changed my clock.  It's the best time of the year so it really doesn't matter when you play.

Do you think the change in the line up played a big role in turning the season around?

I felt like that was the right change that needed to be made.  Our personnel, we have the right people just to mold a great team together.  It was just time and I think it turned out to be for the better.

Duke has played in many sweet 16's, but what does it feel like for you to play in your first one?

For me?  It's very special.  I'm very excited, my family is excited and fans especially are excited.   It's just an exciting time at Duke because we haven't been there for a while.  It's a good accomplishment, but we can't be satisfied with the Sweet 16.  It's kind of a benchmark that we got to.  Now, we have to stay hungry like we have throughout these last couple of weeks. [/private]