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Julius Randle stoked about his upcoming visit to Duke

The state of Texas has long been known for football and rightfully so. However, there have been plenty of hoops stars coming out of the Lone Star State. One of the future bright stars of the state? Julius Randle, a 6’8 220lbs combo forward that is oozing with potential. The Texas product uses his strength to have his way with his competition and has found himself at the top of every coaches wish list. There is no shortage of coaches waiting for Randle’s commitment. However, his commitment likely won’t be announced for at least a year, so until then we can enjoy coaches scrapping and clawing their way to the top of his list. Randle, who says his number one spot to visit for Midnight Madness is Duke, played exceptionally well during his four day visit to Venice Beach for the Boost Mobile Elite 24. Often grabbing a rebound and going coast to coast for an emphatic jam, Julius displays plenty of skills at this stage but with loads of room to grow. Currently he sits right near the top of every scouting service one can name. BDN got a chance to speak with the skilled combo forward and hear his thoughts on a number of subjects.

BDN: Tell me a little about the experience of playing against the pro’s last night.

JR: Oh it was fun. It’s always fun competing with the guys who have been in the same position as you and now they are pro’s. So you can take a lot away from that.

BDN: Was this the first time playing [private] against a pro?

JR: No, no, I play against pros all the time.

BDN: What is it that puts them where they are compared to where you are?

JR: Just their work ethic you know. I mean they have a lot more time to work out than us. I guess pretty much their work ethic.

BDN: Is there any aspect of your game you have been working on a lot lately?

JR: Just my pull up game. One dribble or two dribble pull ups. Just working on that and trying to get it right.

BDN: I have heard you say you feel like you are a combo forward, do you take notice of schools that develop that position well?

JR: Yea of course.

BDN: Any school specifically that you feel does that well?
JR: Ohh not really. There’s a lot of schools that do that well, but I mean I don’t really have a list because I don’t really think about it too much right now. I just take what everyone says, I take it all in and I’ll make the decision from there.

BDN: Being one of the few juniors here can you talk about the selection to this all-star game?

JR: Oh yes, it’s a great honor to be here as a junior. It’s mostly a senior event so to be here as a junior is a great honor. There’s a lot of legacy that comes through here , it’s great to be able to add on to it.

BDN: What are you looking to show on Saturday for the game?

JR: Just to dominate my opponent.

BDN: You are a very player, unafraid of anyone?

I'm going to play my game and my game is not to back down from anybody.  I liked going up against the best players regardless of class this summer.

BDN: Are you always the best player on the court?

JR: (laughs) Uhh that’s what I feel like when I’m on the floor.

BDN: You have that mindset.

JR: Oh yea.

BDN: If you could play with one player from your class to play with, who would it be?
JR: Probably Kasey Hill. I like Kasey.

BDN: Are you close with him off of the court?

JR: Yea.

BDN: You’ll likely be taking some visits coming up soon. You stated that you want to visit Duke for Midnight Madness, is that confirmed?

JR: That’s not confirmed. It’s my number one option because I’ve never been to Duke so it’ll be my first visit.  I'm looking forward to visiting and seeing the Cameron Crazies and the players.  It'll be a great time.

BDN: You always bring up some tasty sounding recipes, can you elaborate on why you love cooking?

JR: Yea, I mean my mom stopped cooking for me when I was in like 6th grade so if I wanted to survive I had to learn to cook.

BDN: Thanks a lot for your time, Julius.
JR: Alright, no problem. [/private]