Gerald Henderson talks of his improvement, Zoubek and more

[private]Statistically, you've really picked it up of late.  What do you attribute that to?  Are you getting in a comfort zone or something like that?

I guess you could say that, but I'm just realizing that I need to play like a really good player every game - not just every now and then.  Part of becoming the player I want to become is being that person on a consistent basis.

My teammates are finding me and I'm being more aggressive on the offensve end.  Being more hungry to score with the ball and also getting points off of my defense, getting out and running the floor has helped.

After the Michigan loss, I felt like I had't contributed like I need to do.  Even though we lost, we were in the game for most of it and that kind of pushed me to contribute more.

Now that the team is getting into ACC play, do you feel fresher as a team than say last year?

Definitely my body feels good.  The guys fell good.  We've have some hard practices, but we've rested ourselves well and are prepared for whats coming.

Is there more intensity going into ACC play during practices?

Coach is always intense.  We are always intense, but there is an added level of intensity as we go into the season - a little bit more urgency.  Every ACC team - you're going to get their best fight every game - we get that from anybody.  You can't get knocked back.  Really at the beginning of the game we try to set the tone early.

Can you comment on the play of center Brian Zoubek -

He's a heck of a player.  He's really developed his game and is becoming one of the better post players in the country.  There are some simple things he does which make him a better player.  Since Brian has come here, we've always had confidence in him.  I think a big thing is that his injuries have definitely set him back.  He played well as a freshman, but injuries were a set back.  Brian is going to do fine.  We have confidence in him and he is confident himself now.  He's going to be a huge part of what we do this year.

Are you guys at the place you want to be so far this season?

Absolutely.  We feel like we are in a good spot.  We feel like we are in a good spot, but we can definitely continue to get better.[/private]