National Recruiting Focus – Hippoyle Tsafack

Hippolyle Tsafack?  That's what was in my mind's eye as I watched this young man dominate the paint in his Miller School team's easy win.  Tsafack (6-8) went 9 of

Hippolyte Tsafack won the POG plaque - photo copyright BDNP
Hippolyte Tsafack won the POG plaque - photo copyright BDNP

11 from the field to score 18 points on dunks and put backs.  He also swept up a game high 11 rebounds, yet had no blocked shots.

Those are pretty impressive numbers, especially when you consider he plays alongside Mychal Parker and Marshawn Powell, two of the top prospects in the class of 2009.

Tsafack said he was 18 years old and English was obviously a fairly new language for him.  He has been in the country for less than two years and is originally from Cameroon.  You can be sure that you'll be hearing more on this unsigned newcomer with the chiseled body as the year progresses.

One of the reasons he may not have made an earlier impact is that he hurt his knee over the summer.  "I have been working hard and just try to do my best," said Tsafack.

When asked if he was being recruited, he responded- "Yes, Virginia Tech, Maryland, VCU, Kansas, Notre Dame and Clemson,  I don't know anybody else."

He said he liked to watch Kevin Garnett and the NBA and that he also loved college basketball.  I've watched Notre Dame, North Carolina, Duke, Wake Forest.

Tsafack is new to the game haven played just two years in Cameroon.  "My mom said to play basketball, because my family is poor.  Once I've started playing I've never stopped," said Tsafack.

His coach in Camaroon sent him to Miller School and he hasn't seen his family in two years.  He got his start at a basketball camp in Camaroon and has been playing ever since.

It's obvious that Tsafack hopes basketball is the answer to his families problems and after this past weekend's MVP performance, don't be surprised if other schools make an effort to get involved with his recruitment.