Duke Recruiting Focus – Dominique Ferguson Audio Interview

Dominique Ferguson - c/r BDN Photo
Dominique Ferguson - c/r BDN Photo

It's time to move on and focus on what looks to be a quickly forming 2010 recruiting class.  BDN Premium brings you a one on one audio interview with prospect Dominique Ferguson (6-8, 205 Lawrence North H.S. Indianapolis, IN) who touches on Duke's interest and [private] more.


Elliot Williams will transfer to be near his family

111-150x150For those of you who have been following off season happenings, you may have known that Elliot Williams mom is very sick.  I got the news  late last evening that Elliot would be transferring from Duke in order to be near his Mom and family.  BDN posted the news on our members message board and elected to let the Duke SID office announce the news.   The Blue Devil Nation wishes the Williams family the best.

I know it's hard to fathom this departure, but there are times when we must put life in perspective.  That said, I will tell you that Williams left with Coach K and his staffs full blessing.  Make no mistake, the news changed the Blue Devils outlook on next season and expectations have been significantly lowered as a result.

Duke fans were excited when they landed Eliiot Williams and visions of him breaking out this season gave the faithful hope that the 2009-10 season would be one to remember.  But faithful is the keyword here and we're about the separate the real fans from the bandwagon fans.  When there is an unfortunate controversy, we're suppose to come together.

Coming together is what the Williams family is doing and as fans we should support them and follow their lead by coming together in a unified way for a team that is terribly thin in the backcourt.  Jordan Davidson will return to the team after back surgery and a student manager will take a spot on the team as well.  There is some speculation that a football player may help out, but that seems unlikely unless there is a redshirt freshman available.

We'll miss the slashing drives and thunderous dunks Williams brought to the table, but life has a way of testing us.  And this is a situation which we should work through together.  Anyone who has ever dealt with a sick family member would have done the same thing.

Williams will petition the NCAA for a waiver as we first reported and it is believed that he will become a Memphis Tiger.

Official Press Release -

Elliot Williams To Leave Duke For Family Medical Reasons

DURHAM, N.C. – Rising sophomore Elliot Williams has decided to leave Duke University for family medical reasons, school officials announced Wednesday. He is expected to file an appeal for a waiver of the NCAA's year in residence transfer rule that would require him to sit out the 2009-10 season. Williams is seeking to transfer closer to his hometown of Memphis, Tenn., to be near his family.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Elliot and his family,” said head coach Mike Krzyzewski. ““We fully support him in his efforts to be closer to them during this trying time. He is a good young man with an opportunity to become an outstanding player. We wish him well as he determines his future. He will always be a part of our program and we will always be in his corner.”

Williams averaged 4.2 points and 2.3 rebounds in 34 contests a year ago. He started 11 of the final 12 games of the season as Duke claimed the 2009 ACC Championship and advanced to the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament. The Memphis, Tenn., native had five double-figure scoring games as a freshman, including a season-high 15 points at Maryland on Feb. 25. He also posted an 11-rebound game on Nov. 11 against Georgia Southern and sparked a 101-91 Duke win over Wake Forest on Feb. 22 with a season-high four steals.

Fab Mello has the tools on the court, but needs work off the court

Fab Melo - c/r BDN Photo
Fab Melo - c/r BDN Photo

A lot of folks in recruiting circles want to know more about Fab Melo, but for now all we have are his on court performances.  During this past weekends NBAPA Top 100 Camp, Melo actually played better against the best of the best than he did on the AAU circuit.  One thing you cannot teach is size and Melo has plenty, standing near 7-0  and weighing in at 260.  He currently resides in Weston, Florida and will play for Sagemont High School in the coming season.  Despite his enormous talent, Melo, one year removed from Brazil, struggles with the english language.  In the following audio interview, Melo was doing fine, but backed away from the media.  To date, nobody has been able to conduct a complete interview with Melo.

Joe Jackson leaves his mark on the NBAPA Top 100 Camp

jjSuper quick point guard prospect Joe Jackson made his presence felt at the NBAPA Top 100 Camp this past weekend.  Jackson stands just 6-0 and weighs in at 180, but his presence is big on the court as he slashes through opposing defenses.  BDN Premium has a one on one interview with the budding Memphis native who mentions that Duke [private] has contacted him.


Tyler Thornton talks NBAPA Camp and visiting Duke afterwards (free)

Tyler Thornton - BDN Photo
Tyler Thornton - BDN Photo

Tyler Thornton had just come off the court after hitting a big three point shot to help his team advance during this past weekend's NBAPA Top 100 Camp. BDN sat down with Tyler for this interview which we hope you enjoy (this is a small sampling of what you find on Blue Devil Nation Premium) -

Join BDN Premium for several upcoming interviews with Duke prospects. Later this evening, Tarik Black audio. Already up is Brandon Knight, Harrison Barnes, Josh Hairston and Mychal Parker. As you can hear on the Thornton audio, we ask the right questions in order to get the answers and information you seek. Blue Devil Nation Premim stays ahead of the curve. Be sure to follow our updates by subscribing to our Twitter page.