Jon Scheyer finds it hard to avoid paparazzi type questions

Jon Scheyer in action vs Purdue - photo courtesy of Duke Blue Planet

HOUSTON -  Shooters just keep shooting and that's exactly what Jon Scheyer did on Friday evening.  After scoring just 2 points in the first half, Scheyer tallied 16 in the second for a total of 18 points and that helped Duke defeat a game Purdue team 70-57.  Scheyer tied Nolan Smith with 4 assists as well, and it was obvious that there was a sense of relief in the face of the senior captain.  BDN caught up to Jon for a one on one in the Duke locker room and, as you will hear, we were rudely interrupted by a reporter asking Jon about a "meltdown."  I had just asked Jon what it was like to field questions from people who had done little homework on Duke.  Before he could answer, a reporter asked Jon about the same thing that made Coach Krzyzewski bristle during the post game press conference, yet she seemingly got no hint how silly her questions were.  At that point, I just rolled my eyes and turned the recording off as Jon himself gave me a little smile as if he were saying, "oh well."  It was as if the TMZ had invaded the Duke locker room.  Anyhow, it is disturbing how little some of the media seems to know about Duke basketball and its inner workings but, hey, they all can't be BDN, right?  I will have more on the media angle later today as we continue to churn out a plethora of interviews from Houston.  In short, BDN is on the scene once again to bring you some of the very best coverage available.  That said, listen to the  interview for yourself and check back often as we'll be adding quite a bit today.  Just press play below -