David Cutcliffe is a Soothsayer

David Cutcliffe is a soothsayer.

Duke Coach David Cutcliffe showed off his X's and O's acumen on ESPN last night where he shared his wisdom during the National Championship game.  Cutcliffe was part of a team of coaches who talked up the strategy as the game unfolded.

Those who cover the Duke program know Cut is a big film guy and has an elaborate set up in his office.  Social media was abuzz with compliments on his in-game comments.

Cutcliffe was all over the final play of the game and that did not go unnoticed.  Tua Tagovailoa threw a 41-yard touchdown to DeVonta Smith to give Alabama a 26-23 walk-off overtime victory against Georgia.  The Duke coach recognized the coverage and said this may end the national championship right here as the play was just starting to develop.

I think it's fair to say that ESPN will invite Cutcliffe back in the future.  The coach was also able to sit with a former assistant Matt Luke who ironically took over Ole Miss.  Cutcliffe was shockingly let go from the school some years back.  But their shame, is Duke's gain.

Here is a small sampling of some tweets I put together.