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BDN checks in with Defensive Demon Nerlens Noel

Nerlens Noel - "Don't drive on me." BDN Photo Check out our latest interview as BDN Premium continues to roll out information

NORTH AUGUSTA, South Carolina - The Sultan of Swat?  No?  How about the Minister of Defense?  Trying to some up with a nickname for defensive stalwart Nerlens Noel is both easy and not.  Even when trying to compare him to other players is difficult for Nerlens is Nerlens and there is nobody with a game quite like his.  Many opposing player has drove the lane against BABC only to see their shots knocked back.  In one of the games here this weekend Noel had four blocks in one defensive sequence.  Noel has established himself as a great defender at an early age and ask any coach and they will tell you that is rare.  In fact, one coach said, "He's the best defender in all of high school basketball," when I said he is the best in his 2013 class.  Noel sports a high top fade, a hair style Grant Hill made famous on Sports Illustrated in 1991.  His game could be considered a bit of a throw back to with his baby hooks and such but his offense is behind his defense, the opposite of the norm.  Noel does it all by the book on defense and that's where he has made a name for himself being a consensus top three player in his class.  He goes straight up on his blocks and he shuts down the baseline raising the right hand and forcing the ball to where no damage can be done.  And then there is what I call the "Nerlens Noel effect."  He blocks so many shots that he forces players to think resulting in travelling calls or adjusted shots that go nowhere near the rim.  I caught up to the budding star this afternoon at the annual Nike Peach Jam where he said Duke was definitely showing interest.  I hope you enjoy our latest video interview from Blue Devil Nation Premium.  Join today for full site access and get all the inside scoop from our most outstanding staff. On to the interview - [private]

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