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Kyrie Irving Update

DURHAM - Kyrie Irving visited Charlotte today to see Doctor Robert Anderson about his rehab and all seemed to be on or ahead of schedule.  Krzyzewski said that good progress has been made, but the key concern was to get Irving healthy for his career.  He has the okay to resume basketball related practices but not full throttle.  Krzyzewski said "He is not in our cross hairs," with concern to his return this season.  Irving has now visited Dr. Anderson twice during the healing process and he is now out of the walking boot for good.  The timeline of the season and healing will likely keep Irving out for the year but Krzyzewski stopped short of saying he was done for sure.  For what it is worth, Dr. Anderson was the one who recommended that Irving not have surgery.  Krzyzewski called Irving a very special player on and off the court and even stated how well he was doing in the classroom at Duke. You can view Krzyzewski's comments on the situation via BDN Video shortly.  We'll have more on this a bit later.  Talk about the latest happenings on the BDN Premium message board with other members.