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One on One with Marshall Plumlee of Duke

Duke Basketball plans on using a redshirt on Marshall Plumlee this season provided there are not a lot of team injuries. That means, the plan is for Plumlee to join Alex Murphy and Rasheed Sulaimon as freshman the following season and Duke is of course, still recruiting. When in the locker room before or after the game, you can always count on a genuine smile from Marshall. He also known to be a hard worker and he's doing his best to learn the Blue Devils system as he waits his turn. BDN caught up to Marshall for a one on one interview where we discussed his current situation, his brothers in more in our latest BDN Video offering which we are sure you'll enjoy hearing the latest from Plum 3.

Marshall Plumlee speaks of choosing Duke and more for the first time since his decision

Marshall Plumlee shows up at the N.C. Pro Am where he plays with his brother Mason. Rick Crank Photo, may not be used without permission from photographer or BDN

DURHAM, N.C. - When Marshall Plumlee committed to Duke we were tipped off that he would not go to Las Vegas but instead would spend time with his brothers on campus thorugh August.  BDN caught up with Marshall during last evenings N.C. Pro Am event where he played alongside his brother Mason.  Marshall played as if he belonged on the court showing off his ability to run the hardwood and in the process scored 12 points which included a nice alley oop from Mason which ended in an emphatic dunk.  Listen to Marshall as he opens up about why he chose Duke and shares details for the first time about how that went down.  Stay tuned for our nightly Pro Am article [private]  as well.

Just press play -

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