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Rasheed Sulaimon Diary Entry One

Sulaimon and friends

What's up Blue Devil Nation!  So far the spring and summer has been very busy for me with my travel team the Houston Hoops. Between all my finals and the Nike EYBL sessions it has been tough, but Ifound a way to manage and still produce on basketball court. Within all of this our team has finished the number oneteam in our division with a 12-3 record.

Individually I feel as if Im continuing to progress but as a team we have a done a tremendous job of working together on and off the court. I believe a lot of our success thus far has been credited to our team's chemistry. I've personally been playing with LJ and J-Mychal Reese since 2nd grade, and as far as the rest of my teammates we've had a great bond since day one of the season. Coming up next week I will be attending the NBPA top 100 camp in Virginia! I have been working really hard because this is my last summer andiIwant to go out with a bang! Remember to always keep God first! I'll check back in with yall in a few weeks. Later Duke Nation!

Rasheed Sulaimon will share his thoughts with Duke fans throughout his high school basketball season in this BDN Exclusive.