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SC athlete Ronald Geohaghan is high on in-state schools

Ronald Geohaghan is high on in-state schools early

While Duke worked hard to improve their defense on the field this spring, the coaching staff is also working hard to upgrade the defense with a talented group of prospects in the class of 2012. The Duke staff has targeted a small group of defensive backs who already have received verbal scholarship offers from the Blue Devils, and a few have also taken a visit to Durham this spring. One of the most recent prospects to pick up a verbal scholarship offer is Ronald Geohaghan, a 6’1” 190 pound prospect from Allendale, South Carolina. In addition to his football talents, Geohaghan is one of the top long jumpers in the country and has worked his way back from a meniscal tear during his sophomore year at Allendale-Fairfax HS. Highlights from his junior season can be viewed here.

BDN: Can you start off by describing your strengths for fans who haven’t had a chance to see you play?

You know, some of my strengths right now, I guess, you could say crunch time leadership, and also one of my strengths is I love being the first one to the ball.  I also have my nose to the ball, also, which is the same thing as being first to the ball.  I also like to watch game tapes on all of our opponents, three or four days before we play them on Friday.  I also like to get two copies of a game of our opponent on a Sunday and then just watch throughout the week.

BDN: What are some of the things you have been working on this offseason?

I really want to be attending some combines ‘cause the offers are kinda rolling in and just probably attend like two or three camps, to work on my techniques, just keeping a low center of gravity because I’m a tall defensive back.

BDN: What are some of your goals for yourself and your team in your senior season?

My goal for my senior season, first off, lead my team to a state championship, and the region – well, first of all, a region championship, then the lower state to the state championship.  And also, just I’m aiming got getting over ten interceptions in.  I had one block kick where I jumped over a guy.  So this year I’m aiming to get over five block kicks on special teams, whether it’s punt or like a punt field goal.

BDN: As you look at your college decision, what are the most important factors you are looking for in a school?

First off, academics.  That’s most important anywhere that I’ll be signing and commiting, and second off, the coaching staff, and third, the players.  And just – I mean, I think it’s most important with the grades and the players and the coaching staff because these are people that I’m going to be spending the next four years of my life with, guidance.  I’m gonna have to create a chemistry so that we can win a lot of games and hopefully play a national championship.

BDN: Which schools have you been in contact with the longest, or have been hearing the most from?

Some, most of the schools that are kinda recruiting me the hardest right now that have extended offers and that haven’t are Clemson.  And a lot of them that was recruiting me the hardest right now which is an in-state school.  I get letters from them like every week from defensive staff.  Second team, I’ll have to say is [South] Carolina ‘cause that’s another in-state school battling to get me.  Third, I like to say it’s Illinois and also – I don’t really think I have a Number 4, but those are my top three that’s recruiting me the hardest right now.

BDN: You mentioned you were able to visit Duke a couple times. How have those visits gone and what other schools have you had a chance to visit so far?

I had a chance to visit Georgia Tech, Clemson, and University of South Carolina, and I’m also gonna be visiting Duke and NC State, I think at the end of this month [March].

Ronald Geohaghan is also one of the top long jumpers in the country

BDN: Do you have an idea for how or when you would like to narrow your list of schools down and ultimately make a decision?

Right now, I don’t really want to make a fast decision because I mean, Clemson was one of my favorite schools at the beginning which is sending me my first verbal offer, but I just want to take my time and see what most of the other schools have to offer, because most of the guys that commit early, most of the schools just back off them after they commit.  So I just want to take my time and enjoy the recruiting process and see what each school has to offer academically and athletically.

BDN: Is there anything else that you think is important for college football fans to know about you?

Well, my freshman year I was ranked as the Number 2 long jumper in my class of 2012, and I kinda had a ACL meniscus injury in my sophomore year early in track season so I missed a lot of track and football, which kinda made me take a step back and also the recruiters ‘cause I was sposed to be expecting some early offers, but they kinda took a step back to see how I was gonna rehab and recovery.  The recovery and rehab was very successful.  I sat out six months, and I missed the first three games of the season, and I also made third team All-State.  And I was also invited to try out for the 2011 USA World Team trials in Myrtle Beach, and if I make the top 10 in long jump, I’ll be competing in the World Youth Games in France this summer in July.

BDN: Thanks a lot, Ronald, and best of luck to you.

Alright.  You, too.