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Offers Rolling in for Matt Jones – will visit Countdown to Craziness

Matt Jones is a 6-5 shooting guard out of the state of Texas where he plays for DeSota High School.  Jones soared up the rankings while playing with his AAU team, the Texas Titans over the summer.  Jones is a a flat out dangerous outside shooter who nails down the three ball on a regular basis.  The Blue Devils offered Jones after Coach K and his staff took a look at him at the Peach Jam in Augusta, South Carolina.  Jones was very excited about the offer at that time and he is looking forward to attending Countdown to Craziness in a couple of weeks.  Since the Duke offer, a lot of other schools starting making their moves.  We are talking the likes of Arizona, Kansas and North Carolina here, so it is safe to say, Jones will not slip under the radar again.  BDN spoke with Jones recently and we discussed the schools recruiting him and his thoughts on them among many other things.  Here is the latest BDN Premium offering for members.

The last time we spoke was during the Peach Jam in July.  What have you been doing since that time?

Since then I've just been going to school and doing the work and working out with my high school team.  I have been trying to get stronger, more explosive, things like that.

What kind of team will DeSoto put on the court this year?  Do you have a lot of guys back?

We should be very experienced with a bunch of seniors. I have confidence in that they know what they are doing, so we should have a pretty good team this year and be contenders for the state title.

Now, your projected position at the college level is the off guard.  What position do you play in high school?

In high school, I am sometimes a [private] wing guard, but we play a four guard system and I will play the four.

Can you list the schools that are recruiting you the hardest?

Kansas, Duke , Florida, Arizona, Baylor, just a lot of teams.  North Carolina, Arkansas, teams like that.

What about Kansas?  Can you talk about what you like about them?

I really like Kansas.  Coach Self has been in a couple of times to see me, so they are really good, I oculd see myself going there.


Same, just the same.  Coach Miller is really cool and I like where the team is headed.

How about the other schools listed?

With North Carolina, Coach Williams just tells me what he's done with players as for Baylor, I really like their coaching staff with Coach Drew, Coach Mills.  Like with Texas, it's kind of like the home school.

How many of these schools have offered you?

All of them.

When did UNC start recruiting you?

They came in the first or second day they could. Coach Williams and Coach Robinson.  Coach Williams called and offered me and it was a great honor.

Do you talk with other prospects?

I talk to Kasey Hill a lot.

Do you two discuss possibly playing with each other?

Yes sir.  Of course.

I know from past discussions that you are big on faith, playing for an AAU team where it is the center piece.  Can you speak to that and how it helps you?

In life it helps me to make the right decision and gives me more confidence in that I am doing what God wants me to do.  It gives me more things to play for and I want to give God all my glory.  It just makes me work harder and gets me through things people don't want to do.

You were 6-4 last time we spoke.  Any changes there?

Yes, I'm 6-5, 190 now.

Do you have a favorite basketball memory?

My favorite basketball memory was probably during my freshman year at DeSoto High School and it was a rivalry game in district and I hit the game winning three.

Okay, you know I run a Duke site but we like to try and remain objective around here.  What do you think of Duke?

Duke is great, a great school. Coach K is just a really great person on and off the court, a great mentor and he's really cool.  I'm really looking forward to going there for Countdown to Craziness and see the campus and social life and atmosphere.  I can definitely see myself going to Duke.

And you will soon be on the Duke campus for Countdown to Craziness ..

I am looking forward to it.  So many people have told me about it and how crazy it is.

Do you speak with any Duke players or prospects?

I talk to Rasheed (Sulaimon) a lot, but not any current players.

What is your basketball dream?

My basketball dream is to get my education doing something I love in playing basketball.  But first, getting a scholorship and going somewhere where I can play for championships and hopefully go to the next level.

What kind of staff do you like?  Easy going, serious or intense, etc.

I mean, I have experienced two coaching styles.  In AAU, it's a laid-back style and in high school it's more yelling at you ... I am used to both of them.  As long as the coach has the my best interest at heart as a player and person.

And who will help you make a decision on where you will play your collegiate career?

My parents, AAU coaches and high school coaches.

Tell me something about Matt Jones that most people wouldn't know.

I always wanted to sing so ... (laughs) Some people say I get on their nerves, but that's the way I let it out, so ...

And what do you like to sing?

I like singing Beyonce and other stuff.  Whatever I have going at that time.

Thanks for your time Matt and good luck with the process and finding the right school for you.

Thank you. [/private]

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