2011 prospect Bernard Sullivan pays a visit to Duke

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If you are a BDN Premium member you have already read on the message board that Bernard Sullivan [North Mecklinberg HS, NC, 6-7, 198 class of 2011] is visiting Duke today.  Sullivan is a North Carolina native with good basketball skills and a love for music and education as well.  Sullivan has been playing well during this summers AAU ball and he is garnering interest form new schools daily.  We sat down with Sullivan and got his thoughts on Duke and the recruiting process in another in depth interview.

How did you fare during the NBAPA Top 100 Camp?

It was a blessing to be invited as one of the top 100 players and I really learned where I was with my game while learning from some of the NBA's best coaches.  It's great to get that experience and the camp is much more than just basketball, we have classes which teaches you about life.

Describe your game in your own words?

I would say I'm a combo forward and a versatile player who can step inside and out.  I hustle the whole game and I want to win and will do whatever it takes to win.

What is your school list looking like?

Before the summer it was Clemson, Virginia Tech, Penn State but after playing well in the tournaments I have all of a sudden had a lot of coaches call like Duke, Maryland, Kansas State, Georgetown, so I see the difference and I will just feel everything out and enjoy the recruiting process.

Who will play a major role in your decision?

My [private] parents, high school coach, Jerry Jordan who has worked with me.

You mentioned Duke.  Who did you talk to there?

Nate James.

What did he have to say to you?

He said he had heard  I had been playing well in tournaments and that they're interested in me and want to come down and see me play in July.  That's what he said, that they were very interested in recruiting me.

Are you interested in Duke?

I'm definitely interested in one of the best athletic and academic schools in the country, you can't get any better than that along with one of the greatest coaches.

Any other ACC schools showing interest?

Every ACC school but Carolina, Wake and Miami.

Did you have a dream school growing up?

Definitely Carolina.  I'm from ACC country and everybody pulls for Duke or Carolina and for me it was Carolina.

Is that a bad omen for Duke?

I don't think so.  Wherever I go ... in the ACC you cannot go wrong whether it is Duke, Clemson ..

And a school that prepares you for the NBA is good?

You have life after college so a good basketball school as well as an academic school will help me get ready for the next level in basketball and life.

Who were some of the toughest guys you went up against at the NBAPA Camp?

I'm not to sure of all the names but a friend told me I just played against a top ten guy and I played very well and felt good about my performances overall.

Have you thought about a major?

I would like to major in psychology, my dads a psychologist, so he wants me to be a psychologist but I wouldn't mid minoring in music because I play a little piano and sing a little bit.

Music is your big hobby?

Shoot, music is not that much of a hobby because I have been playing and signing longer than I have been playing basketball.  I like video games, reading and hanging out like teenagers.

Who are your favorite artists?

I like R & B, Music Soul Child, I like gospel and old school like Stevie Wonder and the Temptations, stuff like that.

Which video game is keeping you occupied the most?

NBA 2K 10.  I love basketball and to be able to play int on a video game is great.

Do you pattern your game after any players?

A lot of people tell me I play a little bit like Michael Beasley.  He can post up, take you out and shoot, I feel like I play a lot like him.  I'm athletic and he is athletic so a lot of people think we play the same game.

And your go to move is?

I like to jab for my set up move, and whatever is open I take.

When will you get serious about the recruiting process?

I will be sure to take all my visits.  I enjoy the process and want to get the most I can out of it.

I am going to put you on the spot for a minute.  If you could pick four schools you would love to visit which ones would that be?

Virginia, Duke, Penn State, Clemson and Virginia Tech.

It sounds like you like the ACC?

Yeah to me it's the best conference in the country and the one I am most familiar with.

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