Monday Musings

Bannerville - BDN Photo

Good Monday morning Blue Devil Nation!  We'll start to churn out some interviews with the likes of Jay Bilas, Chris Collins, Chris Carrawell and Elton Brand as the week progresses.  Of course, a lot of ex players were in town for the Coach K Academy which started earlier than normal due Krzyzewski's duties with Team USA.  Needless to say, you'll enjoy hearing Bilas talk next season, Collins talk this past year, while CWell talks of future aspirations.

A trip to the Duke University Store will allow you to pick up plenty of national championship gear.  Check out the new LAX Championship items and grab another men's basketball t-shirt while you're at it.  Also, do not forget our sponsor football fanatics where you can get some really nice gear in a timely manner.  The ad is located at the top of our main page.

BDN's Andre Slater was on the scene at Pango's [AAU Camp] this past weekend and he will bring you reports and interviews as the week goes on if you are a premium member.  Quincy Miller won the event's most outstanding player and we'll be hearing more about that shortly.  BDN Premium still has several prospect interviews on the way including updates on the biggest names on the recruiting radar.

Speaking of recruiting, the Duke Football coaches have just returned from the road and we'll take a look at the latest as we play a little catch up on that front this week.  Our staff has had a lot going on of late and that has caused some temporary delays in coverage, but as many of you know, BDN supports Coach Cutcliffe and the football team and we'll attend pretty much every available event to bring you coverage of an up and coming program.

Pre season football magazines are rolling out and Duke is predicted 5th in the coastal division by almost everyone.  The best projected record to date is 5-7 with 4-8 being the cumulative average.  Our recommendation for the best publication is Phil Steele's College Football Annual.  Also worthy of mention is that Elon is rated 2nd in the nation in the FCS by one publication and no lower than 6th nationally in any of them.  In short, Elon is a pretty solid club that can give Duke problems on opening night.