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BDN’s Monday Musings

BDN Photographer Rick Crank captured Cutcliffe as he closed the Duke Football Camp this past weekend. BDN Photo, Rick Crank

A friend of mine told me over the weekend that it must be nice to finally have a break in my work with the season over and no sports in play around the Duke campus.  As I explained to him, there are no breaks when you run a Duke web site for there is always something going on.  Just this past weekend Duke Football held there annual camp as some of their top prospects and area talent put their skills on display.   BDN will be bringing you coverage from the event this coming weekend and we'll recap the past weekend as well tomorrow.  Coach Cutcliffe is turning the football program around and it's exciting to watch him add building blocks for the future.  BDN continues to offer our football prospect interviews for free, so please visit often for we are dedicated to following Duke Football Recruiting.

Returning Duke players Kyle Singler, Nolan Smith and Seth Curry all attended the CP3 Developmental Camp this past week as well.  Reports and sources say that all of them enjoyed a successful camp.  And speaking of camps, the Duke Basketball Camp gets underway this weekend as well.

Another big camp kicks off this week and that is the NBA Top 100 Camp in Charlottsville, Virginia.  Several Duke prospects will be on hand as will BDN to bring you coverage via out site and our popular twitter page.  Be sure to sign up for our twittwer page for updates as the camp progresses.  For a complete listing of the prospects on hand, check out BDN Premium's message board.  Also, see our trial one month offer for BDN Premium, so that you might see if you like what we have to offer.

BDN's Andrew Slater talked with Isaiah Austin recently and we bring premium members an in depth interview with a kid who is ranked #2 in his class by Prep Stars.  Austin is an Arlington, Texas native and stands 6-11 and while listed as a center, he has great perimeter skills.  Check out Andrew's in depth interview with a kid who is truly one of the nations elite.

It was good to see former Blue Devil Quin Snyder be tabbed as an assistant coach by Doug Collins, the new coach of Philadelphia 76'ers.  This is a great opportunity for Quin.

We still have a couple of offerings on the way from the Coach K Academy including a nice one on one with ESPN anaylist Jay Bilas.  Be sure to check out the Chris Collins interview and Elton Brand, both of which have already been posted.

Good Monday all, and Go Duke.  Oh!  And there is never an off season if you want to cover Duke Athletics right.  Don't forget to sign up and follow us on twitter where we are listed as BlueDevilNation.  Also, see and join us on our facebook page as well.

In depth one on one interview with 2012 stud Isaiah Austin

Isaiah Austin

Isaiah Austin is a seven footer with touch range out to the three-point line and a real knack for blocking shots. His father, Alex, played professionally both in the US and abroad for a decade and now helps youths build confidence, teamwork, and discipline through his A-Train For Youth program. Austin's uncle, Ike, helped three different NBA teams reach the playoffs and won the NBA's Most Improved Player Award in 1997. Although he plays for Grace Prep in Arlington, Texas, Isaiah is a Los Angeles native, who plays for the Compton Magic during the AAU season. The rising junior and self-described straight-A student participated this past weekend at the Pangos All-American Camp in Long Beach, California and was selected to the Top 25 Cream of the Crop Game. With the dearth of quality big man and his own significant natural and refined talents, Isaiah will be one of the most coveted prospects in the country over the next two years. After the game, the extraordinarily polite young man spoke with Blue Devil Nation.

Let's start with recruiting. Who's coming after you?

The Big Twelve, some of the Pac-Ten and the ACC.

Do you still view this as early?

Yeah, it's real early. I'm not in any rush.

You played very well today.

Thank you.

Who do you try to model your game on?

My father

He was a very good college player and I know he played for a while in the pros, both here and overseas.

Yeah, he taught me how to post up, how to dribble, and how to play around the rim.

Will he be the person that you primarily seek guidance from, whenever you do decide upon [private] a college?

Yeah, my father and definitely my mother too.

What's your height and weight right now?

Right now, I'm seven feet tall and about 205  to 210 pounds.

What position do you view yourself as? Center? Power forward?

I think of myself as both. I try to play like a center on defense and use my size to block as many shots as I can and rebound, but, on offense, I try to play to my strengths and since I don't have the strength, right now, to back every big guy down so I just try to go right around them.

Do you enjoy facing up? You do a lot of it, but I didn't know if it was more a case of necessity.

Yeah, I normally face up, but, for my high school team, I normally have to post first.

Grace Prep, right?

Yes, sir.

Now, did you ever play with Nick Russell?

Yes, sir, he went there, but now he's at K-State. During the summer, when we had teams practicing, I would sometimes play against him or with him as well.

I know they have a reputation for a solid football program as well.

Yes, sir.

You never played football for them, right?

No, sir, but I do workout with them in the summer just to keep my body in good shape.

Do you lift weights? It looks like you've put on some weight from last summer.

Yeah, I'm on a very heavy program actually with my father and..At six o'clock, I get up and go lift. Then, I drink my protein drinks. I come home and eat as much as I can, wait a little, and then go and lift again. That's my daily schedule.

Away from the court, what would you like the audience to know about you?

That I'm a straight-A student. My mom has pushed my grades since I was very little. If I didn't have my grades, she probably wouldn't let me play and come to events like this.

That's refreshing to hear. Did you have a dream school growing up?

My dream school was UCLA because I used to live right here. I used to live in LA. Yes, sir.

When did you move to Texas?

Well, sir, we actually moved to Minnesota when I was eleven. I spent two years in Minnesota, when my mom got a job out there.

Then, her company transferred her to Texas.

She actually got a different job at a different company with a higher position. Now, we're actually living in Texas.

How do you feel about moving around to the three different states?

It's great actually because I've gotten to see and experience more cultures.

I would think you'd be very good at meeting new people and making good first impressions. You must be good at making new friends.

Yes, I've always been taught by my parents to be respectful to everybody.

What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses in your game?

I think my strength is my jumpsuit. My dad taught me to shoot since I was little so I have a very nice touch. I can take people off the dribble and I'm a great shot blocker. I can change a lot of shots too. My weakness is that I really have to get stronger because I know guys will like to bump me round a lot. If I can put some weight on me, that'd be great too.

How did you do personally this past season?

I had about six triple-doubles and thirteen double-doubles. i thought I played really well. I blocked a lot of shots this year.

Texas is obviously  a very good state in terms of basketball. How did your team do this past season?

Oh, we went to the Final Four and we lost off of a buzzer beater that I tipped from half court.

Oh, man.

Yeah, it was a heartbreaker.

Who beat you?

It was Second Baptist. They..

That's L.J. Rose's team. He's a great point guard.

Yeah, he's a very nice point guard and person.

Who are you running with on the AAU circuit this year?

The Compton Magic, sir.

Going back to your original answer, who from the ACC is recruiting you?

North Carolina is showing the most interest and Duke has sent some letters, but I'm not sure how interested they are in me.

Well, speaking of Duke, what is your impression of them and, if they were to pursue you, would you be interested in them?

Oh, they've sent a couple of letters, but I would definitely love to play for them. Yes, sir, absolutely. They're great academically and have a tremendous program. I'd definitely be interested in them. Yes, sir.

Well, thank you very much, Isaiah. Good luck to you.

Thank you, sir. [/private]