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New Homes for NBA Blue Devils

ddfThere will be a new home for several NBA Blue Devils this coming season including one of the all time Duke favorites JJ Redick. In case you missed it, Redick was part of a three team trade and deal which landed him with the Los Angeles Clippers. Redick joins the "hot." team in L.A. in the Clippers who look to be one of the better teams in the west this season. The Lakers which recently lost Dwight Howard to free agency will take a step back and the window is open for success for the Clippers who now have Glenn "Doc," RIvers running the team. As for Rivers, he actually mentioned Redick as a shooter in a conversation I had with him when Duke was recruiting his son Austin. In short, Redick has a good new home and with an aging Chancey Billups at the SG spot, he has a chance to start or play a major role this coming season.

Also on the move is former Duke standout and national champion Mike Dunleavy who will now suit up for Chicago Bulls. Dunleavy joins two other former Blue Devils in Luol Deng and Carlos boozer provide there are no further moves in Chi-town.

Another Blue Devil who will have a new home is Nolan Smith who was to play with the Boston Celtics in the NBA Summer league but he just suffered a lower leg injury and is now in a boot.

Mason Plumlee dropped a dunk during day one of the NBA Summer League that is drawing raves and supposedly yelled "Get some," as he ran back down court. Mason has a bit of a chip on his shoulder for those who thinks he is an older rookie with less upside. I think folks will change their tune over time about kids remaining until their senior year hurting their chances.


Meanwhile, the Blue Devil who never was, Shaun Livingston will be a teammate of Plumlee in Jersey where the Nets have signed the former high school standout. For those who have not followed Duke recruiting over the years, Livingston was a high school prodigy who gave Duke a verbal only to bolt for the NBA late the game before he ever played a game at Duke. His departure coincided with Luol Deng leaving after his freshman season after he had told the Devils he would return leaving Coach K's Dukies in a bit of a lurch. Sadly, Livingston suffered a major injury which has effected his career and many felt he needed a year in college for his body to catch up. Anyhow, Livingston was the original point of frustration for Duke fans in that they never got to see the top rated PG in the class and until that guy named Kyrie Irving came along. Irving, of course, got injured where he played in just over ten games for Duke leaving fans and the staff to wonder what it would be like had he had a full year in Durham. Those who remember Livingston realize he could have been one of the greats and it took a player of Irvings' stature to wrestle away the top "what if," spot in the K era.

Another player who will join Redick in Los Angeles will be incoming rookie Ryan Kelly. The two will be rivals though, in that Kelly will be a Laker. That means when Kelly gets burn he'll be closer to the Hollywood stars than he probably ever dreamed with the A-list straddling courtside seats. Kelly and his soon to be wife, Lindsey Cowher, daughter of former Steelers coach Bill Cowher will now have state of the art theaters at their disposal. The two are notorious movie goers where Kelly came clean that his favorites were romantic comedies. Anyhow, Hollywood is getting two character young men in the aforementioned Redick and Kelly who both make faith in Christ a big part of their lives.

Lastly, it was good to see Kyrie Irving get some help in Cleveland during the most recent NBA Draft and yes, Duke fans are still wondering aloud what a full season of Kyrie would have been like in Durham. I followed Irving closely on the recruiting trail when the Blue Devils were chasing him and to this day, no player was more exciting to the senses in that he simply did things on the court I have never seen since. Irving was special. He was worth the price of admission on the AAU trail, much less the league and he will now be able to play for Coach Mike Krzyzewski again for Team USA. I, for one, am excited to see that.

Holiday Musings – Duke in the NBA, High School prospects in action and more

Duke is Family! JWill, CWell and Cdu

Firstly, here is to hoping all of the Blue Devil Nations is having a fabulous Holiday Season!  For me, it's right back to work as I head out to the former Glaxo Tournament now called 2011 HighSchool​OT.com Holiday Invitation​al to check out future Dukie Rasheed Sulaimon in person.  I will also take in two budding prospects from the class of 2014.  In the morning, the plan is to head for Myrtle Beach for the Beach Ball Classic which is loaded and I will be back for the Duke vs Western Michigan game on Friday.  In short, while many of you are hitting the after Christmas sales and stuffing leftovers, I'll be hitting the recruiting trail hard.

Most of the Duke players went home for the holidays and judging from what I saw on social media, all had a great time.  You know Quinn Cook had to be smiling after being named ACC Rookie of the Week and he'll likely get more burn in the next two games against Western Michigan and Penn,  But, he'll have to show up large to for that to continue as the schedule goes into overdrive with a tough road game at Temple before the ACC slate begins.

It may be early in the season, but Austin Rivers looks like a lock for ACC Rookie of the Year.  Another player who is proving he belongs with the ACC's elite is Mason Plumlee.  During ACC media day, I picked three Tar Heels to make the first team, but if I were to vote again today, Plumlee would take Tyler Zeller's spot.  For the record, I voted the exact way the results turned out with Seth Curry on first team, but he will have to pick it up a little to get that vote at seasons end.  Curry is  by no means having a bad year, but he needs to become consistent and take on more of a leadership role after the break.  When a kid makes 1st team All ACC, you have to hold him to a higher standard.

A lot of people did not like the ACC expanding, but knowing the landscape of the future, I was all for it.  The conference currently had three ranked teams in Duke, North Carolina and Virginia, but new members, Syracuse and Pitt would make it five.  The Cuse is ranked number one in the nation and they're about as deep a team as you will see.  Also, Duke is 5th in the coaches poll and 7th in the A.P.

The  NBA season is under way and the Blue Devils have more players on the opening day rosters than any other school.  Of course, you will still hear the negative nellies of the world try and explain that one away.  Still, that is quite a fact you can offer future prospects.  And for the record, Kyle Singler would have been on that list as well but decided to finish the season out in Spain.

JJ Redick went for 20 points last evening helping Orlando even their record up at 1-1. and Chris Duhon added 6 points as well.  Kyrie Irving did not have a stellar debut going just 2 of 12 from the field for 6 points but he did have 7 assists as Cleveland dropped their home opener to Toronto.  Mike Dunleavy tallied 13 points for Milwaukee and Shaun Livingston who verballed to Duke and then decided to go to the NBA had 14, but they fell short to Charlotte where Gerald Henderson had an outstanding opening game dropping 18 points while Corey Maggette added 12.  The 39 year old Grant Hill scored 6 points for the Phoenix Suns but they lost by a point to New Orleans.  Josh McRobert's had just 2 points in 20 plus minutes for the Lakers as they dropped their second game to start the season 0-2.  Meanwhile, Shelden Williams played but did not scratch the scoring column for New Jersey.  Finally the Bulls lost on the road to Golden State as Carlos Boozer tossed in 6 points and Luol Deng added 20 points where he seemed to be the only Bull to show up.  Whew!  A lot of Dukies were playing last night and with a shortened schedule where teams play on what use to be off days due to the lock out, this will be common place as the season progresses.  We'll give last nights game ball to Redick with 20 in his teams win and he can share it with Henderson who showed he wants to be a factor helping a not so good Bobcat's team to an opening victory.  And Kris Humpheries was vote the NBA's most hated player.  For those who do not remember, Humpheries signed with Duke and was then granted a release when he demanded immediate playing time for a good team, taking his game to Minnesota.

That's it for this week Blue Devil Nation and we'll return to our regular Monday Musings feature next week.  And we are extending our yearly membership special rate of 20% off 100 bucks for a few days, so take advantage of our lowest price ever and come on in and see what is going on behind the scenes and catch all the latest recruiting news.  And for new members, you must sign up for the message board separately and will be approved after we see you've joined through paypal.  Go Duke!

Midweek thoughts – Redick, TOC and more

Collins Dad gets the Sixers job and JJ Redick is playing well in Orlando - BDN Photo

Don't look now but a lot of Orlando fans would like to see JJ Redick take over for Vince Carter in tonight's lineup against Boston.  As it turns out when Redick is in the lineup the Magic are outscoring playoff opponents by 20 points.  On the other hand, when Carter takes to the court they are 22 points in the hole.  I doubt you'll see a change take place in the lineup this evening but make no mistake this has been Redick's coming out season.  Redick has raised his stock and jumped through a lot of hoops in Orlando and other NBA teams are taking notice.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the near future in that Redick is becoming a fan favorite while Carter is closing out his career as an underachiever.  Carter has always been a sensational athlete going back to his days at North Carolina, but he has never seemed to buy into the team concept.  I'll never forget my first impression of Vince Carter from back in the day when he was in Chapel Hill.  You can often see Duke and UNC players visiting local malls and there was a day when Carter strolled through the now defunct South Square Mall in Durham.  People were asking for his autograph and he signed them but never looked anyone in the eyes while acting like he had won the nations MVP.  The Tar Heels had just lost in the NCAA Tournament and Carter could only talk about how he would be in the NBA soon.  Perhaps that is why he came off the bench as a freshman under Dean Smith for he always seemed focused on himself.  His freshman campaign was a bust in Chapel Hill in that he came out of high school as one of the most hyped players in his class.  Carter didn't look any of the fans in the eye that day while signing and acted like a a guy who knew he was the man with his arrogant like demeanor.  By contrast, Antwan Jamison  accompanied him and was all smiles showing tremendous character and caring by mingling with fans and children. But the real key is Jamison talked team and returning to UNC to lead them to a title while Carter talked individualism.  People change, but Carter will retire without an NBA ring if he disappears tonight against an active Celtics defense.   Too bad he didn't learn any lessons from the affable Jameson nor did the highly hyped freshman start for Smith in his first season.  The reason for that was that the talented Carter wasn't a team first guy and he seemed to think his flashy dunks were proof enough that he should start.  But Carters troubles are Redicks gain for now and despite what happens in the future with Orlando, Redick seems to have his career at a point where he is taking off.  Carter is wrapping up his legacy and all he will likely have to show for it is scoring a lot of points not that there is anythiong wrong with that.  But in the NBA and at UNC, Carter was never able to help lead a team to a title.  For more on Redick and Carter, go to link from the Orlando Sentinal.

Bob Gibbon's Tournament of Champions kicks off this weekend in the Triangle where games are played on the campuses of Duke, North Carolina and North Carolina State.  The NCAA will likely pass a rule in the near future which would take tournaments away from major college facilities.  A lot of talents has passed through the TOC over the years including LeBron James and Greg Oden to name a few.  This may be your last chance to catch one of the premiere AAU events, so check out the action if you are in town for Memorial Day weekend.  Some of the Duke recruiting targets there include, Shabazz Muhammad, Marshall Plumlee and JP Tokoto.  BDN Premium will be on the scene to bring you our usual great coverage.

Another quick congrats to Doug Collins who is now the coach of the Philadelphia Sixers [76ers].  While Chris will be at Duke this season one cannot help but wonder if he will stroll the sidelines in the NBA one day.  During an in season press conference, Krzyzewski said he could see Chris in the NBA one day and I can too.  Chris is a good x's and o's guy and his lineage and familiarity with the league is a huge benefit.  Rumor has it that he watches just about every NBA game going when not serving Duke.  Chris of course will be in Las Vegas often helping Krzyzewski with Team USA.  Not saying Chris will not stick around nor that more colleges will not be calling, but it's not a stretch to think he will be coaching an NBA team one day.

Monday Musings – Dukies in NBA, ESPN ACC TV deal, Alabama-Duke football

It's a rainy Monday in Durham, N.C. but a little Blue Devil spirit will brighten your day.

The NBA conference finals feature three former Blue Devils in former teammates JJ Redick and Shelden Williams and the ageless Grant Hill.  Redick had a nice game off the bench by scoring nine points but his team couldn't rally and go down 1-0 to the Boston Celtics.  Shelden Williams didn't get off the bench for the Celts.  The amazing 37 year old Grant Hill will try and help lead the Phoenix Suns past the Los Angeles Lakers and Kobe Bryant in game one of their series which starts tonight.  It's good to see Grant still playing with savvy after dealing with numerous injuries early in his career.

While it is not yet official, it seems as if  ESPN will obtain the rights to ACC basketball and football games.  Sources are saying that Fox Sports drove the price up by narrowly missing it's goal.  In fact, if the deal is finalized as expected, the ACC's revenue more than doubled. There will be efforts to provide broadband telecasts meaning that there could be a way to see every game your team plays.  Raycom held the rights to the ACC for more than a decade and they will now have to purchase the games from ESPN to continue their telecasts.  While the aforementioned is expected, it remains to be seen where this leaves FSN.  As the deal finalizes and all the facts come out it's hard to see the long term effect but one thing is for sure, the ACC came out as winners here.

I was talking with a long time scalper at a local establishment this past weekend and after that conversation it would be wise to get Duke-Alabama football tickets sooner rather than later if you want to attend.  The game will be sold out.  How often does the defending national champion with the Heisman trophy winner in tow visit Wallace Wade Stadium?  And Alabama fans?  They'll come in like a tide.

There are three more dates left to catch the Duke Athletics tour featuring David Cutcliffe.  For those of you  who can make it, here are the remaining dates -

May 20
6:00-7:30 pm
Blackfinn American Saloon
1620 I Street NW
Washington, DC 20006
CONTACT: Samantha Kozub (919-613-7554)

May 25
5:30-7:00 pm
ISP Headquarters
540 North Trade Street
Winston-Salem, NC 27101
CONTACT: Whitney Dunlap (919-613-7557)

May 26
5:30-7:00 pm
Tobacco Road Sports Café
Diamond View II
280 South Magnum Street
Durham, NC 27701
CONTACT: Samantha Kozub (919-613-7554)

Redick, Hill, Williams turn out in force to support Coach K and watch Dawkins in Orlando

Grant Hill chat with Coach K, Jeff Capel and Mike Brey - copyright BDN Photo
Grant Hill chat with Coach K, Jeff Capel and Mike Brey - copyright BDN Photo

ORLANDO - Duke was sending a message to prospects this weekend, that being, if you come to Duke you are a part of a family.  You can add to that, once you are in the family, it's for life.

As the AAU Nationals continued in sunny Orlando, Florida, there was quite a Duke flavor permeating the arenas.

Mike Kryzyzewski arrived on the scene with Steve Wojcichowski today, where they joined Chris Collins following prospective Duke targets.

Imagine being a future Dukie and looking up in the stands and seeing not only your assistant coaches, but Hall of Famer Grant Hill and JJ Redick.

That was the case for Andre Dawkins, the class of 2010 commitment who plays with Boo Williams.

"JJ was fun to watch when I was coming up.  He had such fire and swagger about him and opponents hated him.  And that's what you want, you don't want your opponents to like you.  It was great to see them out here supporting me," said Dawkins after his teams win.

I asked Andre what it was like to be a part of the Duke family and he paused before saying, "It's a lot of fun but I don't know if it's quite sunk in yet."

Chris Collins and JJ Redick watched Andre Dawkins game Monday evening - copyright BDN Photo
Chris Collins and JJ Redick watched Andre Dawkins game Monday evening - copyright BDN Photo

Just before Grant Hill went to watch Andre Dawkins with Wojo and Collins, he sat with Mike Krzyzewski who was also sitting with former Duke assistant and current Notre Dame coach Mike Brey.

But Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel was also there, as was Roshown McCleod, Jason Williams and Johnny Dawkins.

All of the former players paid tribute to their former coach who just came in from not only watching prospects in Las Vegas, but tending to his Team USA duties.

Syracuse head coach Jim Boeheim was also seated beside Krzyzweski for much of the evening and he, of course, serves as an assistant.  It's worth noting that Krzyzewski has called him a co-head coach out of respect for his long time friend.

It didn't take long for the crowd to notice the gathering of Dukies, for many could be seen snapping pictures of Coach K, and some even trying to breach the lines between the coaches, media and fans to get a closer glimpse.

Fans also were aware of JJ Redick's presence and many of the young ballers were sneaking over to get a look.  Heck, even the coaches were stretching their necks, many likely marveling that when the Devils turn out they do it in style.

Jason Williams gave kids a talk they'd remember - copyright BDN Photo
Jason Williams gave kids a talk they'd remember - copyright BDN Photo

BDN was on the scene all day long and we'll bring you more coverage in our premium subscription section.  In fact, we will have reports and interviews from Las Vegas and Orlando well into the following week.

Join Blue Devil Nation today to get live reports all week long from Orlando.  We bring you up close and personal to the best basketball program in the land with unmatched recruiting coverage.  Interviews from this event and Las Vegas will be coming shortly.

Thursday Morning Links – Plumlee, Redick and more

Mason Plumlee - Photo property of Blue Devil Nation
Mason Plumlee - Photo property of Blue Devil Nation

Future Dukie Mason Plumlee earned All America honors from the Louisville Courier.  Here is the LINK.

Here is the NBA's early entry list with foreign players listed. The face of college hoops will change as players either come out or stay in the draft, so the watch begins.

The Boston Celtics tripped the Orlando Magic last evening to even their series at one game apiece.  Former Duke standout JJ Redick was ejected from the game after arguing a call which gave him his sixth foul.

Duke Baseball swept Presbyterian and prepares for a stretch run in hopes of gaining a bid to the ACC Baseball Tournament which will be held in Durham Athletic Park, home of the Durham Bulls.  LINK

Zack Greer is a candidate for the Tewaaraton Trophy, the highest individual honor in collegiate lacrosse. He is the only one of the five finalists announced Tuesday by the Tewaaraton Foundation who will not be able to advance his case further in the upcoming NCAA tournament. Greer, who finished tied with former Duke teammate Matt Danowski with 353 career points, used his final season of eligibility to play for Bryant and former Duke coach Mike Pressler. He also owns the Division I record with 206 goals. He helped the Bulldogs to a 10-5 record, but the Bryant program is transitioning to Division I and is not yet eligible for the national championship. Greer was among the Duke players who lost a season when the program was shut down following rape allegations against three players. The players were later cleared and all the members of the team who had eligibility left were given another year by the NCAA. Greer chose to transfer to Bryant.

Blue Devil Nation Premium will cover this weekend's Southern Invitational where members will hear from Josh Hairston, Andre Dawkins and Tyler Thornton among other prospects.   So, be sure to stay close to the message board and site this weekend.