Lucas Patrick on his official visit to Duke: “Everything about it was great!”

Duke commit Lucas Patrick was selected to the TN East-West All-Star Game

As signing day approaches, Head Coach David Cutcliffe and the Duke coaching staff are looking to hold onto each of their 20 current verbal commitments and hoping to add another impact player or two to the class of 2011. This past weekend, the Blue Devils hosted four of their current verbal commitments in Lucas Patrick, Blair Holliday, David Helton, and Jamison Crowder. BDN checked in with the visitors to get their thoughts on the visit to Durham and the Duke program.

Lucas Patrick is a 6’4” 285 pound senior offensive lineman from Brentwood, Tennessee who committed to the Blue Devils back in May. After leading Brentwood to a district title, Lucas played for the West in the annual Tennessee East-West All-Star Game. He spoke with Blue Devil Nation after his official visit to Durham.

BDN: Can you briefly recap your recent official visit to Duke?

It was a great trip! Everything about it was great! Showed up Friday, just hung out with the coaches a little bit, went to dinner. Dave Harding was my host, and we hung out in his dorm, went around campus, just meeting a bunch of the guys. Saturday, we did a bunch of the tours and went to the basketball game, which was a complete blast – seeing Cameron Indoor like that. Then we went out that night. And then Sunday I met with Coach Cutcliffe. It was just a great weekend, I can’t think of one thing that went bad.

BDN: You mentioned you were able to meet some of the other Duke players; can you tell us a little bit about whom you met and what you talked with them about?

Some of the other players who were visiting with me were Blair Holliday, David Helton, and Jamison Crowder. I got to hang out with them, just riding on the buses to places, sitting there at night when we got in and just talking. Some of the players I got to meet were – the other two that I mainly hung out with were John Coleman and Perry Simmons. Both of them were just great guys to hang out with and talk, get a good insight on the team and how everything went. It was just great overall, especially with those guys – they were some good guys to meet.

BDN: You also mentioned you were able to meet with Coach Cutcliffe and had dinner with the other coaches; were you able to talk to them about the program and your role going forward?

It wasn’t really – I mean, I got to talk with Coach Luke about some football and all that, but with Coach Cutcliffe, he really just shared his idea for the team and where they were headed. He got me so fired up, just sitting there talking to him about the team and how they felt about this season, and how the commitment to winning is so great now and the whole team is ready to win and is so committed to what he believes. It’s just really good to hear that.

BDN: Can you tell us a little about how your senior season finished up?

My senior season – I just had a complete blast. It was fun hanging out with the guys, and we won our district for the third year in a row, which is a big thing because we have a pretty tough district to go through. We ended up getting knocked out of the first round of the playoffs, but as far as myself, my senior season went great. I had a bunch of accolades and just improved in a bunch of stuff over this season as far as my game in general.

BDN: What are your plans for the rest of your senior year?

I’m working out every day. I just came back from an hour and a half workout and I’m going to go run later today, so I’m going to be hitting it hard. I want to go up there and not miss a beat and go ahead and be able to get working with the team and everything. I’m really focusing on my school work, especially classes that I’m struggling in so I can come in there with great school work and a great work ethic.

BDN: That’s great, Lucas. Thanks for speaking with me and enjoy the rest of your senior year.

Yes sir, thank you so much.