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Nike EYBL Prospect Report

Alex Poythress is playing at the Nike EYBL in Los Angeles this weekend. BDN Photo

BDN Premium has Andrew Slater and Varand Khacadouri covering the Nike EYBL event in Los Angeles this weekend and their reports are coming in via the message board and our twitter site.  We'll have player interviews coming this week and much more including some members take on the prospects.

In fact, one of our knowledgeable members, Caleb has shared his early take on the kids and here they are while we await more reports from California.

Here are some thoughts and comments from what I saw this weekend -

Julius Randle: From what I saw he's the player I most like from the class of 2013. He looks to be a legit 6'-9" from looking at him. He is strong with the basketball and aggressive. Likes to use the glass alot when shooting in and around the paint. He has a good feel for the game and attacks the basket hard. He handles the ball well...but would be a serious matchup problem at the four. He was double teamed a lot by defenses yet still scored strong when I watched. When you watch him play it's hard to believe he is class of 2013! Very mature game.

Jabari Parker: Really [private] good all around player. Very smooth. Understands the game at a high level. Not super quick or fast but he is athletic. Fundamentally sound...gets team- mates involved well. Not as big or strong as Randle...more of a 3/2. His game reminds me of a slightly less explosive Grant Hill. I think with added strength he will be a special player. Very un-selfish. He is a very pleasant kid. Duke would be fortunate to get Jabari.

Nerlen Noels: I hope that Duke really goes after this kid. He blocks shots like he is on a pogo stick! He can go up down and then back up again really quick. I saw him block shots with both right and left hand. He can block jump-shots! He's just so long and makes you change your shot when driving to the hoop. On offense he plays within himself and doesn't force much. With time his offensive game will improve. He is not a liability at all on offense and he does display some touch around the basket. He does need some added strength. He will be a wiry, strong type of athlete.

Tony Parker: I like Tony. I hope Duke gets him. He really grew on me this weekend. Varand described his game well. He has good footwork...especially this strong low post spin move that he uses well to score with. He's definitely a power forward/college center.  He seems to be a legitimate 6-8+ but the days of 270lbs are over. Some are saying he hasn't been playing well of late...if that is the case, he may be adjusting to playing at a lighter weight. Regardless, he played well this weekend. He plays best when he's getting the ball. He is a good kid...I repeat he is a good kid.

Alex Poythress: Effortless leaper. Long and athletic. Offensively he is a 4/3... defensively he could probably guard the 2 and 3 very effectively. Could develop into a passing lane nightmare. He had a two handed dunk where he literally glided through the air without much effort and with plenty of hang time.  It would be hard not to take this kid if he wanted to commit. Seems to be tight with Tony Parker. Another really good kid.

Theo Pinson: Very gifted but young. When it's all said and done he'll be a great one. Displayed a nice shooting touch out to 3. His handle is good. He can dribble with both hands. He was active around the basket at times but definitely needs more strength to finish inside. The game I saw him play was against Houston Hoops, (Rasheed's team). It was probably a little tough for Theo to shine against such a talented trio of elite level Houston Hoop guards...led by Rasheed. Theo's dad is really cool and level headed. He mentioned that the experience of playing in such a high level game would only help Theo get better. Lots of up-side.

Rodney Purvis: I think we're all fairly familiar with Rodney's game. He is strong and really has the look of a player. Very confident player and he traded baskets with Rasheed a couple of times. I think Varand mentioned that he deferred a little too much during crunch time against Houston Hoops but he will be big time. He is  a legit 6-3 and he can take it to the hole strong. After the game against Houston Hoops which was easily the best and most competitive game that I saw, Rodney was very nice and forthcoming with answering questions and picture taking. I would really like to land him.

Rasheed Suilamon: He has the tools to be great. In what was probably the best game of the weekend (Houston Hoops vs. CP3) he was the best player. His handle is legit. He can lose a defender with his cross-over and changing of speeds. Once he gets past his defender he attacks the basket hard. With added strength he will finish more consistently. He can knock down the deep three or pull up for his jumper off the dribble. He's an energy player who can defend well. His personality is magnetic...I really like him and predict he will be one of my all-time favorite's when he leaves Duke. He will represent Duke very well.

Thanks again to Andrew and Varand for a great weekend! [/private]