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Las Vegas AAU Action continues – Miller, Bello, Hairston, Thornton and more

Quincy Miller
Quincy Miller

There was more AAU action in Las Vegas today as the event nears the end.  There are complete reports from the events on the Blue Devil Nation Premium message board and plenty will be coming in the week ahead.  Mark Watson has just finished up with the Showcase in Orlando and is ready for the AAU Nationals which begin to day.  The Blue Devil Nation is on top of Duke Basketball recruiting folowing true targets to close out the AAU season.

The following are notes from Las Vegas [private] which are located on the premium message board from Sunday.  For the complete group of notes, go to the message board.  If you are a paying subscriber (which you are if you can read this) you need to register for the message board separately if you haven't already.

Team Detroit hung on to win 51-50 over MBA Elite.
McCallum and Ferguson had 12 apiece.
LaQuinton Ross and Rodney Hood were a combined 3/17. Demarco Cox had 10 points and 8 boards.

D-One wins 87-76, but the score isn't indicative of how close the game was.
Bello was 8/9 from the field.  Amazingly, he still hasn't hit a jump shot from the field in the seven games I've watched of his. They now advance to the semi-finals of the Reebok Summer Championships.

I'm not sure whether they'll be broadcasting the next game live, but they do have some videos up already.

Miller and Bello are set to tip off against the Franchize All-Stars.
California Supreme(Gary Franklin, Dwayne Pollee, Keala King, Tyler Lamb) will take on Team Detroit (McCallum, Ziegler, Ferguson) in the other semi-final.

It's scary to think that this kid has two more years of high school. Miller could get minutes on this team now...Q Miller with a three as I'm typing this. LoL  He had four blocks in one sequence. [/private]

Quincy Miller Interview from the LeBron James Skills Academy


Quincy “Q” Miller is a versatile 6’8” forward with a 7’ wingspan. The Chicago native moved to North Carolina to improve his life and he has succeeded. Miller enrolled in Quality Education Academy, a charter school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and his recruitment has taken off. Through natural growth and an improvement in his skills, Miller went from being an under-the-radar prospect to a consensus top ten player in his class. After visiting the campus, he was recently given Duke’s first offer of the 2011 class.

During the LeBron James Skills Academy, Quincy Miller sat down with Blue Devil Nation to talk about a multitude of topics, including reminiscing about the day he was offered by Duke a place in their 2011 class, what the transition was like from Chicago to Winston-Salem, and his rapid ascent in the eyes of coaches and evaluators. [private]

Other Reporter: Quincy, I’m sorry. What schools are you looking at again?

Quincy Miller: Duke, Oklahoma St., Memphis and some other schools.

Other Reporter: Wake Forest?

Quincy Miller: Yeah, Wake Forest

Other Reporter: Louisville?

Quincy Miller: Yeah, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan St., Texas, Tennessee

Other Reporter: Where are you at, in terms of trying to make a decision?

Quincy Miller: I’ve visited a couple of schools, but I ain’t trying to make any decisions.

Blue Devil Nation: Can you talk about your first big sneaker camp? What are your hopes and expectations?

Quincy Miller: I just wanted to show everybody that I can play inside and outside, but I was really frustrated.

Blue Devil Nation: How did you think you shot in the first half?

Quincy Miller: I didn’t really think I shot good. I probably only made one. I just wanted to defend my position anyway. I still had a big impact in the game…The second half I kept drawing fouls. Dudes had to hack me.

Blue Devil Nation: Talk about the transition from Chicago to Winston-Salem, NC

Quincy Miller: It’s been pretty good for me really. I didn’t really have no colleges. Ain’t nobody know about me or nothing. It was like a year and a half ago.

Blue Devil Nation: How good is the level of competition you’ve faced in North Carolina?

Quincy Miller: Real good

Blue Devil Nation: Because you don’t play a traditional public school schedule in North Carolina, I heard that your program was trying to play in more tournaments and play around the country perhaps.

Quincy Miller: Yeah, it was good.

Blue Devil Nation: On a recent visit to Duke, Coach Krzyzewski offer you a scholarship. Can you take the audience through what went on during that trip and your reaction when they wanted you to be the first guy in your class that they offered?

Quincy Miller: I just went on a visit there and they sent me a couple of…

Blue Devil Nation: When was it? Try to paint the picture of that day for the audience.

Quincy Miller: It was last week. I went on a visit to Duke and they showed me the facilities for a little bit. Then, I went and talked with Coach K in his office for, like, an hour and a half. Then, during the last twenty minutes, he offered me a scholarship. I was pretty proud of that because I was the only person to have a scholarship offer in my class.

Blue Devil Nation: Sure, the first and only one…That must’ve made you proud.

Quincy Miller: Yeah, and then I went and played with the players. I just did real good against the players.

Blue Devil Nation: Which players?

Quincy Miller: Jon Scheyer and Mason Plumlee.

Blue Devil Nation: Did you play on the perimeter against them?

Quincy Miller: Yeah, I can play inside and outside.

Blue Devil Nation: There have been some comparisons in the past, by you and others, to guys like Durant, Odom, and even Bosh. In what ways do you feel you are similar and in what ways are you different?

Quincy Miller: I try to model my game after Kevin Durant, but also, at times, Kevin Garnett. When I got somebody small on me, I try to go inside and be aggressive. When I got somebody tall on me and slower, I try to take him outside.

Blue Devil Nation: How tall are you expected to grow to?

Quincy Miller: I think about 6’11.”

Blue Devil Nation: Jesus, that’s going to be unfair.

Quincy Miller: (laughs) Yeah, yeah, man.

Blue Devil Nation: Tell the audience which visits you’ve been on and do you plan on doing any unofficial visits in the near future?

Quincy Miller: Just Duke, North Carolina, and Wake Forest so far. I’ll probably go visit some others at some point.

Blue Devil Nation: How have you played?

Quincy Miller: I’ve been playing real well and I just trying to establish myself as one of the top players.

Blue Devil Nation: What is the set up at Quality Education Academy?

Quincy Miller: It’s a charter school and we just live there. It’s like a boarding school because we live right next to the school there. We got an honor system there where, like, a “C” is a “B”

Blue Devil Nation: Do you hit the weights there?

Quincy Miller: Yeah, I hit the weights there, like, every other day. We try to do different things.

Blue Devil Nation: What position are most colleges recruiting you as?

Quincy Miller: Oh, a power forward.

Blue Devil Nation: Where do they have you play in high school?

Quincy Miller: Power forward too, but they let me play anywhere. Out on the perimeter, you know.

Blue Devil Nation: Now, do you feel comfortable banging down low against other big guys too?

Quincy Miller: Yeah, I do, but I just try to use my quickness and athleticism.

Blue Devil Nation: What weight do you want to be by the time you arrive at college?

Quincy Miller: Right now, I’d like to come in at 220, 215. Something like that.

Blue Devil Nation: Now, some big guys that tend to play on the perimeter were guards that had late or large growth spurts. Was that the case with you?

Quincy Miller: Well, in eighth grade, I was 6’1.” When I was a freshman, I was 6’4.” Then, in my sophomore year, I became 6’9.” I don’t know if I’m going to grow anymore or not.

Blue Devil Nation: Tell the audience about your uncle, Lamont.

Quincy Miller: Yeah, my uncle…he’s the one I mover up here with. He took care of me, when I moved. He’s very important to me, you know what I’m saying.

Blue Devil Nation: Where do you like to catch the ball?

Quincy Miller: Free throw line extended

Blue Devil Nation: In terms of skill development, what are some areas that you’d like to work on over the course of this summer? Have you set any goals?

Quincy Miller: I want to work on everything, but especially my strength and getting my foot speed up…so that it’ll be even harder for the defender to guard me. My goal is that by the end of the summer I want to weight 205.

Blue Devil Nation: What do you weigh now?

Quincy Miller: Like 197.

Blue Devil Nation: Now, for your high school team, you’re going to playing around the country. What are some places that the fans can catch you?

Quincy Miller: Oh, I don’t know exactly, but I know we’re playing in the Colt Classic and the Battle By the Bay in New Jersey.

Blue Devil Nation: Can you give a scouting report for the fans? How does the opposition try to cover you?

Quincy Miller: Well, you’ve got to have a big man that’s just like me. If you put somebody small on me, I’m just going to go inside. If you put somebody big on me, then I’m going to go outside. Basically, you’ve got to get a kid about my height, who can move just as good as I could.

Blue Devil Nation: Whenever you do decide on a college, what are the most important factors that will go into your decision?

Quincy Miller: “Comfortability,” style of play, and how much of a focal point I’ll be.

Blue Devil Nation: Who will be the people that you turn to when you ultimately decide on a college?

Quincy Miller: My uncle, Brian Clifton, my high school coach, and my mother

Blue Devil Nation: What style of play appeals to you?

Quincy Miller: I feel I can play any style of play. Whatever it takes to win.

Blue Devil Nation: How about your shooting? What’s your range normally?

Quincy Miller: I can shoot the three, but I don’t have deep range. I can keep the defense honest.

Blue Devil Nation: What do you think is your greatest strength right now?

Quincy Miller: Versatility

Blue Devil Nation: What would you like the audience to know about you away from the court?

Quincy Miller: I’m a funny kid. I’m having fun all the time.

Blue Devil Nation: What’s your “go-to” move? Do you have one?

Quincy Miller: Take my man down and spin move on him.

Blue Devil Nation: Can you talk about your communication skills? You do a lot of talking during the games.

Quincy Miller: (laughs) Yeah, I’m a big talker, man. I talk all the time no matter what.

Blue Devil Nation: Leadership ability?

Quincy Miller: I’m always a leader on whatever team I play on.

Blue Devil Nation: What’s your feeling about Duke, both as a program and as a university as well?

Quincy Miller: Oh, I love Duke. They’re a real good program and I really like Coach K, but I ain’t trying to make no decisions right now.

Blue Devil Nation: What aspects of your game can you work on during the AAU season that you cannot work on at QE? How do you differentiate the two?

Quincy Miller: In AAU, I can take the ball up the court, maybe fast break, and pass it to teammates. You know, like, set up the offense. Because in high school, my coach don’t really let me do that because he wants me to get the ball and take my man off of the dribble.

Blue Devil Nation: Can you assess your defense? Who’s been the most difficult guy for you to guard?

Quincy Miller: That’s a tough one because I guard guards too, man. I’ve guarded a lot of tough guys, but I guess I’d have to say C.J….C.J. Leslie.

Blue Devil Nation: What happened in Akron? You wanted to get out of doing drills, right?

Quincy Miller: (laughs) No, no, man, I just couldn’t make it.

Blue Devil Nation: How do you feel about AAU? Do you consider this really your first year?

Quincy Miller: Yeah, this is my first year. Well, I mean I played with Squires last year, but they were a small one… so, like, this is my first year with a big one.

Blue Devil Nation: Do most people call you Quincy or Q?

Quincy Miller: Yeah, they call me Q.

Blue Devil Nation: Lastly, can you talk about Coach Pitts for a moment?

Quincy Miller: Coach Pitts is a great guy. He’s created so many opportunities for me. He put me in so many great spots.

Blue Devil Nation: Did you ever think this kind of thing would happen for you?

Quincy Miller: No, man, I still can’t believe it. I just became the number three player in the country. It’s so unbelievable.

Blue Devil Nation: The guy over there (Clark Francis) had you ranked in the hundreds just two years ago.

Quincy Miller: Yeah, I was ranked in like the hundreds.

Blue Devil Nation: I was talking with another player (Kyrie Irving) about this a few months ago. Did they just completely miss the boat on you or did you really come out of nowhere with your newly found game?

Quincy Miller: I think my game just kept advancing, man. It just kept coming along.

Blue Devil Nation: Thanks a lot and keep pushing yourself to improve.

Quincy Miller: No problem. Thanks. [/private]

BDN Premium – Quincy Miller lists Duke and others

Quincy Miller is a Class of 2011 forward who stands close to 6'-8".  He plays his high school basketball for Quality Christian Academy in Winston-Salem.  Quality is sure to be one of the state's best teams next season and Miller is ready for people to take notice of his game.  BDN Premium chatted with Miller during a recent event where he listed Duke as one of the schools he has interest in.

Quincy!  Let's get right down to it.  Tell me about your recruitment and what's been going on.

(smiling) Man!!!  Since last year, my freshman year, it's just gotten crazy.  Every coach in the country is calling my AAU coach and I mean everybody.

When you say AAU coach you are talking about ...

Brian Clifton and my high school coach Issac Pitts. Join BDN Premium and gain full access to the site, which includes a members-only message board.  Take a look at our premium articles in the menu to get an idea of what you are missing.[private]

What has knowing Brian Clifton meant to you?

He's like a really important person in my life.

You guys (D-One) lost a tough game and he met with the team for about ten minutes after the game.  What did he have to say?

He was mad.  We've been working on a lot of stuff and getting better but we went back to our old ways.

1100_06272You were having a lot of success down low but didn't seem to get the ball in the last eight minutes -

I was kind of mad at that, but I wanted to play defense and block shots.  I'd rather play offense than defense.

What schools are recruiting you the most?

Um, Duke, Oklahoma State, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, Memphis, both of the USC's South Carolina and Southern Cal.  Oh, and Illinois and Purdue.

When you were growing up, what conference did you watch?

I watched mostly the ACC - North Carolina.

You grew up a Carolina fan, right?


Would that make an offer from them the one you would accept?

I don't know because I'm going to have a lot of offers.

You mentioned that Duke has some interest ..

Duke has a lot of interest!  They sent Spatola down there to watch me and I think next week at my practice that Coach K will be there.

What is it like growing up a Carolina fan and having Duke looking at you?

I like both schools.  I like North Carolina and Duke.  I've been on a visit to both schools, so ...

What kind of grades are you making?

I get all A's and B's.

If you were to describe your game to someone who had never seen you play, how would you do that?

I would  say I play like Kevin Durrant or Lamar Odom because I can play inside or outside, I've got an outside shot and have a lot of moves.  That's basically my game right there.  And I'm a good shot blocker too.

Describe yourself off the court?

Um, funny.  I'm a good kid though.  I do my work and then joke around, not distracting other kids.

You play with some pretty good teammates on your high school team as well.  Can you talk a little bit about them?

I've got some wonderful teammates.   Javonte Redick, the one that just played, (it is worth nothing that his demeanor and answers have been upbeat the entire interview) he's 6-10!  And Stargell, the fast kid, the dark skinned one, the guard!  Those are my two teammates and they're real good.

You guys will have one of the better teams and will likely be invited to some national invitationals during the season.

Yeah.  I can't wait for that.  I want an opportunity to showcase my talent to everybody.

Where do you go from here after a tough loss?

We've just got to step up and put it behind us.  We'll step up the next time out. [/private]