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Midweek thoughts – Redick, TOC and more

Collins Dad gets the Sixers job and JJ Redick is playing well in Orlando - BDN Photo

Don't look now but a lot of Orlando fans would like to see JJ Redick take over for Vince Carter in tonight's lineup against Boston.  As it turns out when Redick is in the lineup the Magic are outscoring playoff opponents by 20 points.  On the other hand, when Carter takes to the court they are 22 points in the hole.  I doubt you'll see a change take place in the lineup this evening but make no mistake this has been Redick's coming out season.  Redick has raised his stock and jumped through a lot of hoops in Orlando and other NBA teams are taking notice.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the near future in that Redick is becoming a fan favorite while Carter is closing out his career as an underachiever.  Carter has always been a sensational athlete going back to his days at North Carolina, but he has never seemed to buy into the team concept.  I'll never forget my first impression of Vince Carter from back in the day when he was in Chapel Hill.  You can often see Duke and UNC players visiting local malls and there was a day when Carter strolled through the now defunct South Square Mall in Durham.  People were asking for his autograph and he signed them but never looked anyone in the eyes while acting like he had won the nations MVP.  The Tar Heels had just lost in the NCAA Tournament and Carter could only talk about how he would be in the NBA soon.  Perhaps that is why he came off the bench as a freshman under Dean Smith for he always seemed focused on himself.  His freshman campaign was a bust in Chapel Hill in that he came out of high school as one of the most hyped players in his class.  Carter didn't look any of the fans in the eye that day while signing and acted like a a guy who knew he was the man with his arrogant like demeanor.  By contrast, Antwan Jamison  accompanied him and was all smiles showing tremendous character and caring by mingling with fans and children. But the real key is Jamison talked team and returning to UNC to lead them to a title while Carter talked individualism.  People change, but Carter will retire without an NBA ring if he disappears tonight against an active Celtics defense.   Too bad he didn't learn any lessons from the affable Jameson nor did the highly hyped freshman start for Smith in his first season.  The reason for that was that the talented Carter wasn't a team first guy and he seemed to think his flashy dunks were proof enough that he should start.  But Carters troubles are Redicks gain for now and despite what happens in the future with Orlando, Redick seems to have his career at a point where he is taking off.  Carter is wrapping up his legacy and all he will likely have to show for it is scoring a lot of points not that there is anythiong wrong with that.  But in the NBA and at UNC, Carter was never able to help lead a team to a title.  For more on Redick and Carter, go to link from the Orlando Sentinal.

Bob Gibbon's Tournament of Champions kicks off this weekend in the Triangle where games are played on the campuses of Duke, North Carolina and North Carolina State.  The NCAA will likely pass a rule in the near future which would take tournaments away from major college facilities.  A lot of talents has passed through the TOC over the years including LeBron James and Greg Oden to name a few.  This may be your last chance to catch one of the premiere AAU events, so check out the action if you are in town for Memorial Day weekend.  Some of the Duke recruiting targets there include, Shabazz Muhammad, Marshall Plumlee and JP Tokoto.  BDN Premium will be on the scene to bring you our usual great coverage.

Another quick congrats to Doug Collins who is now the coach of the Philadelphia Sixers [76ers].  While Chris will be at Duke this season one cannot help but wonder if he will stroll the sidelines in the NBA one day.  During an in season press conference, Krzyzewski said he could see Chris in the NBA one day and I can too.  Chris is a good x's and o's guy and his lineage and familiarity with the league is a huge benefit.  Rumor has it that he watches just about every NBA game going when not serving Duke.  Chris of course will be in Las Vegas often helping Krzyzewski with Team USA.  Not saying Chris will not stick around nor that more colleges will not be calling, but it's not a stretch to think he will be coaching an NBA team one day.

The facts on Carrick Felix and his decision to reopen his recruitment

BDN wishes Carrick Felix the best as he reopens his recruitment.

The news broke this morning that Carrick Felix would not join the Duke Basketball team in the 2010-11 season.  With rumors and speculation flying everywhere, BDN decided it was time for the facts.  "His reasoning for not attending Duke is that he sat down and talked with some people and didn't think he could accomplish his goals at Duke with concerns to college basketball," said Colby Blaine, his assistant coach at Southern Idaho Junior College.

Blaine continued, "He wants to open his recruitment back up and see what his options are and [private] where his abilities will help him in college basketball."

"Carrick didn't have any exact answers for his exact reasoning for pursuing other opportunities, but he saw something he wanted to explore, so he pulled the trigger on it.  We support it out here and are going along with it."

Blaine said Felix decision came in the last six or seven days and that he would not be attending Duke.   Blaine who will be working local camps this summer said he had built a strong relationship with Felix calling him a special kid that deserves the best.

In the end, perceived playing time was the biggest factor and there was no problem with admissions as was reported earlier. Felix is already in talks with other schools and his plans will become clear in the near future. [/private]

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Monday Musings – Felix will not play for Duke, QB offered, Collins to Sixers

This Monday morning the BDN sends a shout out to the parents of Tyler Thornton and Josh Hairston both of whom will be on campus this summer. BDN Photo

Well, it never fails folks!  I attempt to take 48 hours away from the wired world and all heck breaks loose.  Okay, okay, not that much but enough starting with the answer to the question about Carrick Felix.  Yes, it is true in that he will not enroll at Duke.  The word is admissions were the hold up but the fact is nothing official is out there yet and he has opened up his recruitment.  The BDN wishes Felix the best in all of his future endeavors but fortunately Duke is really deep this coming season.  Felix was viewed as an athletic wing with good defensive capabilities to go with his explosiveness.  The Duke staff was looking forward to working with him before the latest happenings.

The Duke Football staff has been on the recruiting trail and they are working it hard.  Duke offered Colorado quarterback Brock Berglund which you can read about in our football section.  We'll have more on this and another offer coming shortly.

More props to Doug Collins who will be officially named the coach of the Philadelphia Sixers today.  Doug of course is the father of Duke Assistant Coach Chris Collins and played his most memorable moments in Philly as a player.  While Chris will be returning to Duke this season one has to wonder if this will open some doors down the road.  Collins [Chris] is a basketball fanatic who misses only the occasional bounce of the ball if a game is on television.  BDN wishes Doug the very best in his new job.

You may have seen a few folks saying Jon Scheyer could play basketball in Israel.  It's not far fetched.  BDN will follow the situation.

This weekend will likely be an end to one of the AAU's best tournaments, the Tournament of Champions where the games are played on the campuses of Duke, North Carolina and North Carolina State.  BDN Premium members will get all the skinny and this may be your last chance to catch this tournament in that the NCAA will soon not allow these events to be played on major college campuses.  A lot of other changes are in the works and as summer rolls in we'll discuss the future of off season hoops.

Carrick Felix is ready to face the challenges at Duke

Carrick Felix will be on campus in late May to prepare for the rigors of ACC Basketball. This is the first of a series of previews of the incoming players to the Duke program in the 2011 season. Felix told the Blue Devil Nation that he wanted to win his own national title while at Duke.

It was a typical day on the recruiting trail during an open period for Duke Assistant Coach Nate James, well, maybe not so typical in that he found himself in Southern Idaho which is a state the Blue Devils rarely if ever visit.  He was there to check out a seven foot behemoth Aziz Nidiaye, but it was a sleek athlete who unexpectedly caught his eye.

I hesitate to use the phrase diamond in the rough but it is more than appropriate when talking about JUCO transfer Carrick Felix.  James saw a lot of things he liked in Felix's game during the open gym and the future Blue Devil knew he had the opportunity to make an impression.  In fact, he made it a point to introduce himself to Duke's second year assistant in the coaches office after learning who he was, but the likely story is that he was more than aware of who was coming in.

It was March and Duke was just beginning what would turn out to be one of the most magical runs in Duke Basketball history where three seniors led a tight knit group to a national championship.   James in just his second year has already made an impact on Duke recruiting efforts and Felix was the first of three kids he played a big role with, the others being Michael Gbinije and Tyler Adams.

"I introduced myself to Coach James in our coaches offices and  then we get on the court.  He’s watching our center and I was just playing like I always play.  I play hard and practice hard and later that night he gave me a call and was excited about the way I played basketball.  Ever since then, he’s followed me everyday and we’ve developed a wonderful, wonderful relationship.  He’s actually playing like the big brother role right now," said Felix.

Not many people have seen Felix play other than on film but he adds a dimension to next seasons talented roster that wasn't there before.  Felix runs the court with ease and when open he wastes little time in flushing down a dunk.  He has the ability to be a stellar role player in the Blue Devils system if he continues to work and don't be surprised if he once again finds a way to standout once practice officially starts.

"It’s been a long journey with many ups and downs but Coach K and Nate James saw me and liked me and now I get the opportunity to be a Duke Basketball player and a part of their family.  I honestly worked for it.  I really worked for it, I worked real hard for it.  I’m excited and glad they’re giving me the opportunity," Felix told Blue Devil Nation.

Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski had only seen Felix on film but at the advice of James he took a look at a kid who was being courted by Arizona, Arizona State, Washington from the Pac 10 and Maryland and Clemson from the ACC not to mention West Virginia.

"He’s kind of like another person in my family.  I felt like I could talk to him about anything from the start.  We just clicked like we knew each other for years and I felt very, very comfortable around him and he did around me, so we really clicked," said Felix when asked about meeting Krzyzewski for the first time.

As we mentioned Felix has all the tools to play key roles especially on the defensive end,  "They’re going to use me as a defender.  On offense Coach K is excited and feels he can use me at any position because of my versatility.  He’s excited knowing he can use me a multiple positions and that’s what they need, so I’m excited about that and look forward to being the best player I can be," said Felix."

Felix's journey to play for the defending national champions wasn't always smooth but he persevered.  "My mom didn't even graduate from high school but she still pushed me and made me understand the importance of academics.  I was not a good student when I was younger. I didn’t know what I wanted to be in life so I eventually sat down with my mom.  We had a talk and identified what was important and academics is part of that..  I just want to do the best I can, just like I do on the court?  I want to work that same way in the class room if not harder.  I’m a student athlete first not an athlete-student."

With a good attitude and desire Felix now finds himself living the dream and he can't wait to get started in Durham.  In fact, he'll be on campus in just two weeks to learn the Blue Devils system and go through off season conditioning drills.  Those drills will be conducted by the aforementioned Nate James who will hold down the fort while Krzyzewski and his assistants Chris Collins and Steve Wojciechowski will be in Las Vegas training Team USA for another run at the Gold Medal.

Felix moved around a lot while he was growing up in that his Dad was a military man.  He somewhat reluctantly calls Arizona home in that he played his high school basketball there, but he has seen his share of destinations before he landed in Idaho.  Felix will now call Durham home and he already feels a part of the team.

"On my visit to Duke I was just talking to the coaches, but then I met the guys.  I talked to Nolan, Kyle, Mason and Miles Plumlee.  I hung out with Miles some but all of them welcomed me with open arms.  I really like that they made me feel comfortable.  I mean, I felt real comfortable, like a family and that right there … that was a big part of my decision.  I’ve been sending texts back and forth with Seth Curry since I left and he’s a pretty good guy and I think we can be really good friends.  I got along with all the guys, so I’m excited," said Felix.

BDN also asked Felix to describe his game in his own words for the many who had yet to see him play, "My game is unique [said with emphasis].  I’m not like a lot of other players … my best thing is my athleticism but I still kind of new to the game.  I need to dribble and shoot better, but I can kind of do it all, just unique.  You’ll see that when you see me play, the way I run, the way I move the ball, it’s not like anybody else."

Only time will tell if Felix is ready to contribute right away but unlike a true freshman, he brings some experience which should help him adjust to what he readily admits will be a more physical and faster paced game in the ACC.

"It’s been a long journey for me and I’m happy.  I’m just ready to be a Duke Blue Devil and play for Coach K and win a national championship.  That’s what I want to help them do so I have to work hard in order to give them the help they need to get the job done."

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Carrick Felix to Duke

It is now official that Carrick Felix is the newest Duke Blue Devil.  Felix is a 6-6 athletic swing man from Southern Idaho Junior College.  Felix visited Duke Sunday until early this morning, meeting with admissions who accepted him into Duke.  Felix will have three years of eligibility left.  Felix excels in the classroom and he looks forward to expanding that education while in Durham.  Nate James was the lead assistant in the newest Blue Devils' recruitment.  In fact, James assisted Duke as the lead recruiter with Michael Gbinije as well.  Join BDN Premium and talk about this latest news on our members only message board.  This announcement came as no surprise to our members which is one of the many benefits for full site access.

Just added to BDN Premium - How Duke discovered Carrick Felix and how they plan to use him in their system.  Get the real deal inside.

BDN Premium Duke Basketball Recruiting Update

Michael Gbinije took in the Duke-Maryland game this past Saturday - copyright BDN Photo

As our members know, as the college basketball season goes into its final weeks recruiting talk heats up, for AAU ball is less than two months away.  It's been a bit busy around here where we have been covering basketball and spring football, which caught everyone off guard with an early start.

I had originally planned a list of Duke's prospects, breaking each one down, but, instead, we'll concentrate this update on Micael Gbinije and Carrick Felix.  If you think Gbinije caught us by surprise, think again, for we have sat on his name for a week now while Duke's interest grew.  Then duty called and delays were imminent for our latest update.

Anyhow, here is the deal on Gbinije and since we've seen him play a dozen times, BDN can definitely break his game down [private] for you.

Who is Michael Gbinije?

He's a 6-6 WF from Benedictine High School in Richmond Virginia.

When did Duke get involved?

Duke has watched the development of Gbinije for a good two years now.  Duke Assistant Coach Nate James watched him play in Richmond and Coach Krzyzewksi took in one of his games during last year's AAU Nationals.  Duke has also seen plenty of film on him.

Who else is he considering?

Georgetown, Oklahoma, Villanova, Wake Forest , andVirginia Tech are some of the legitimate contenders.

What about UNC?

It is true that Gbinije liked UNC growing up and still does, but he also likes Duke.  Folks, UNC cannot get them all and they have few offers to throw about right now.  That is, of course, unless they have a transfer and as I have said before, they will have at least one defection in the off season according to reliable sources.  I am not sure UNC will offer.

What if they do?

Well, Duke has wings in the wings.  If they do, it only opens up other possibilities for Duke, and UNC would then have very little wiggle room in their recruiting.

How did the visit go?

It went very well, as good as one could hope for according to those close to the situation.  Nate James has been the lead for Gbinije all along.

What's his game like?

The word steady comes to mind.  He doesn't jump out at you on the court like some wings do, but you always know he is out there for he is making plays in a consistent manner.  He is a bit of a tweener, but can certainly mix it up some and watching him develop with another years maturity should prove interesting.  Prep Stats rates him the 20th best prospect in the class of 2011.  Gbinije brings a balanced skill set to the table.  He can shoot the mid range jumper, drive and hit the glass hard when he needs to.  He has good hands and makes the safe play rather than go for the flash.  He is a glue player in that he seems willing to fill roles, but he has the potential to turn into a serious contributor.  He moves well without the ball and seems to understand how to play help defense and space properly.  His footwork is above average, but needs some refinement on the defensive end.

Duke has a long list of wings they will follow once the season ends and we'll sort them out as some names become serious.  We sat on Gbinije's visit for nobody had this out there.  Andrew can attest to this via e-mail exchanges about the Primetime Shootout.  Speaking of the shootout, Andrew caught up with the elusive Kyrie Irving for a detailed interview.  You may have noticed that Kyrie has shut out the Duke media of late.  A few more things coming from Slater's way as the week progresses as well.

A little tip for you - Duke will run next season.  The offense will look drasticly different with Irving in the fold and Duke wants some wing athletes to go with him.

Enter Carrick Felix.  We should have film coming on him and yes I think he will be the next Dukie.  He will visit after the season and formalities are pretty much all that remains.  He is strong in the class room and adds something in which the Blue Devils don;t have on their roster at this time.

Austin Rivers is still scheduled to visit during the UNC game and you know how I feel about this one and nothing has changed.

Thanks for being patient during a busy time for our staff.  I will address other prospects at a later time, so please do not ask of them until then if possible.  We are thinking about changes and this has taken us away from our usual coverage, but we're about to get back to normal and long time members know that's a good thing.   There are times when we get too busy to even tell you what we have learned and sometimes another site will claim the scoop, but that's okay for we are in this for the long haul and the cream always rises to the top.  Quite simply, sometimes our hands are tied with what we can share and we must let others get their breaks.

Thanks for your support! [/private]