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BDN Premium – Duke Basketball Team and Recruiting Update

Rasheed Sulaimon played "Horse" while visiting Duke. Maybe that helped him win the three point shooting contest at the McDonald's All American game? BDN presents another loaded team and recruiting update article for premium members.

Well, it's that time of year again when AAU ball cranks up and for BDN that means we'll be hitting several big events. Austin Rivers decision to sign with an agent and enter the NBA Draft wasn't that big of a surprise to us and we all wish him luck. Rivers decision is the first thing that will set the future into motion as the staff will be hot on the recruiting trail.  While many Duke fans hate to see Rivers lead, he can help the program at the next level and they will show that shot against UNC several times early on in his pro career.  He joins Kyrie Irving as players kids will really identify with.

I expect Mason Plumlee will (you must be a BDN Premium member to read the 2000 plus word update, so join today!) [private] enter his name into the draft to get feedback as to his draft status which must be done by April 3rd. Plumlee from all accounts is torn about his decision but the departure of Austin Rivers could help. Had Rivers returned the offense would have been run through him and the Blue Devils would have been his team. His high school coach David Gaines said that he was weighing his options and that one thing he would want is more touches or to be used in a more prominent role, It seems part of Plumlee wants to return and finish what he started and play with his brother Marshall for a year. Marshall could surely use his tutoring and Duke could surely use his presence in the paint. But an equal part of Mason wants to go pro and it may come down to where he is projected in a deep draft. It's probably even odds right now but that could change.  If I were to guess, I think Mase will probably want to go through his senior season and be a more focal point for the team but I am not majorly confident with the info I have received to date and it is worth noting that I have not talked this  over with some of my usual sources.

Should Plumlee head to the league with Rivers, Duke will be in major need of a big or two. There are two options, one being Tony Parker and the other Alex Oriakhi, the Connecticut transfer. Should Plumlee go, it would be a match made in heaven with Oriakhi. As for Tony Parker, he announced that he would be making a decision on April 11th and I can tell you now that Duke is a definite player. Coach K locked in on his parents early on and there is a very solid relationship and trust between them. While Parker has seemingly bought into all of the anti Duke recruiting rhetoric and squirmed away at the mention of Duke, he may finally be seeing the light and the opportunity he has stepping right into playing time at Duke. Parker showed signs of getting a bit out of shape at the McDonald's All American drills but who knows the circumstances or that he didn't have something going on? Anyhow, he has trimmed his list to Duke, Kansas and UCLA. IMO, Los Angeles is too far from home unless all his pals go there and that means it is likely down to two, Kansas and Duke. I think the Blue Devils have proximity in their favor as well and may pull this one out. Their odds are much better than they were a month ago at this time and Parker knows he would plug right in. Parker's decision may also effect the aforementioned Oriakhi.

Shabazz Muhammad won the dunk contest and he will choose a school on April 11th as well on an ESPN special. His decision likely has bearing on Trey Zeigler, a recent visitor and I expect nothing will happen with him until Bazz pulls the trigger due to available slots. Duke can now show Muhammad that he can be there next one and done freshman and that may be enough to pull him in. Zeigler offers maturity and the ability to guard certain types of players on defense. It will be interesting to see how all plays out, but I feel one will be on the roster at this time. And there is still the shadow of an NCAA investigation over Bazz and this could effect him going to what many felt the leader has been for months, Kentucky.

The Duke coaches will assault the AAU circuit full throttle before July for that is when Coach K will be heading up Team USA and he'll take assistants Collins and Wojo with him. That means April is an important month and the staff will take in both Nike EYBL sessions and other events I will share at a later date. Jeff Capel, Nate James and Chris Spatola will fill in while the staff builds the team they hope wins gold.

Several Duke Assistants have been considered for other jobs but the info coming in is somewhat shaky so I will not share the rumors. The Illinois job supposed linked three Duke types, Johnny Dawkins who led Stanford to the NIT title game, Steve Wojciechowski and of course Chris Collins. It looks like the job has been filled and Collins was like the next one or two choices had the job remained open. Nothing official while I am typing this though ... It is looking more and more like a mid major stepping stone job may be the ticket for some. Back to Dawkins, he would probably like to go somewhere it is easier to recruit but his Stanford team will compete for the PAC 10 the next two season should he stay put and I expect him to do so.

The coaches will be meeting with players to tell them what to work on for the coming season and what role they envision them taking on.  And you have heard a lot of transfer rumors by now and I fully expect some movement.  It's hard for me to share too much on that front in that it is a sensitive and private issue for the program, but the most rumored kid to leave Michael Gbinije seems prepared to returned and told his AAU coach he knew Coach K knew what he was doing.  It has also come out that Seth Curry can or will graduate and that he entertained going overseas but no firm decision has been made.  It was odd that Austin Rivers seemed to slip and say he was gone in the locker room after the tournament loss, but there was a lot of emotion going on.

I can tell you that there will be a shake up and Duke will try to get back to playing better defense and I expect all players will be challenged and have to earn their time next season.  The coaches, like us. have to let all shake out and each player or prospect move will effect one another with concern to the players/prospects in play.

The Carolina Classic has concluded and we'll add some late scouting reports and get the thoughts of others before weeks end.  I would say Theo Pinson is the only prospect firmly on the radar and while there are other good players, none of them are past the evaluation mode.  For those new to BDN Premium, the evaluation mode consists of players they are putting feelers out on.  Many kids, like prospect Tyrone Outlaw will get a look and he will visit in an unofficial manner, but it is common for local star prospects to drop by campus.  Jeff Capel is the lead guy for Outlaw but I'm not sure he would make the final cut.  However he does add toughness to the team he will play for and he can guard bigger players.  Outlaw will have to improve his perimeter game to become a real candidate.  Duke has showed some interest in Jaquel Richmond as well but something tells me they may not pursue him as hard as some other names.

Another name which has popped up is Christian Harrison of Greensboro Day.  Harrison grew up a Duke fan and of course says he would accept an offer on the spot.  He's a nice late bloomer in the rankings but has very thin shoulder width which needs a lot of added muscle.  He can finish very well and is a smooth player but hangs outside a bit too much for my tastes.  His second game was his worst and his defense was awful at times in that game.  He wasn't playing help D or using his length a lot.  His third game would have one drooling and he played much better after motivational speeches.  I would have to get more views on him to get a real feel.  We will have an interview up soon with him.

The Nike Jordan-Brand Classic is on my agenda where I will see Rasheed Sulaimon play and hopefully one or two more future Blue Devils.  The even on April 14th will allow us to know where Tony Parker and Shabazz Muhammad are going.  There are a slew of UNC and N.C. State guys playing in the event, a game of local North Carolina ballers and an International game.  continues to work Duke prospects as does his future teammate Matt Jones.

The Nike EYBL season starts in April as well and it gets underway with session I  in Minnesota on April 20-22 and then session II in Hampton, Virginia the following weekend.  The event is loaded with Duke prospects and among them are Chicago studs, Jabari Parker, the top rated player in the class of 2013 and Jahill Okafor, the paint eater and key Blue Devil target as well.  Both will suit up for the Mac Irwin Fire again and Parker has been the Blue Devils top target for a long time and as I have said for a year or so now, I feel Duke is in great shape with  him.  Then there is the Texas Titan duo of Matt Jones a shooting guard who has already pledged to Duke and his teammate, the bullish post man, Julius Randle.  If Duke misses on bigs this year, their need for Randle will be dire.  Duke is in good shape and will surely make his final cut and he is right there with Jabari Parker as the most important prospects they will work before Olympic duties.  But rest easy for Duke Assistant Jeff Capel is the lead recruiter for him and that bodes well.    Then there are the two PG prospects, Anthony Barber 2013 and Tyus Jones 2014.    Long time members know I rave when speaking of Jones and I will finally get more views of Barber.  Both are legitimate standouts but Jones to me is special and a winner.  But Jones has the nation after him and he will be a tough get.  Duke will also have their eyes open for other players and by the end of April we should have some new names popping up.  Other names to watch are big man Bee Jay Anya and Theo Pinson to name a few.

By all accounts, Ryan Kelly is healing nicely and he should have plenty of time to have his game together before the season starts.  Duke players had a lot of nagging injuries by seasons end but the Blue Devils do not broadcast them until later and maybe no even then.  Coach Krzyzewski has never been one to share too much in the past.  But it was certainly evident that the loss of Kelly effected the team concept and in hindsight, Kelly added a lot of value to the team.

The take on Amile Jefferson in interesting.  Talk to the NCSU types and they are majorly confident he comes.  Their spin is he is waiting to see what C.J Leslie does, well, I will tell you that he is going pro.  Jefferson has a great relationship with the Wolfpack staff but I feel his heart is with Duke.  I though his decision may be tied in with the McDonald's game but it seems he will watch what happens with team rosters as well as others now.  Jefferson is a nice young man who is likely having trouble telling certain teams no.  Villanova continues to make the hometown push and they are still hovering about but it is down to the ACC schools and I still feel Duke is in the best shape to get his services.  But it's recruiting, so who knows 100% sure what might happen.

So, we are all waiting to watch the McDonald's All American game this evening and to see how things shake out for Duke Basketball.  You have heard me say the following on numerous occasions but it applies more than ever to current situations.  Let it play out.  Freaking out and over speculation is a waste of ones energy.  Watch what prospects do and not what they say.  Actions speak louder than words.

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Duke Basketball Friday Notebook

Here are a few more notes on Duke Basketball for your Friday -

Next up, Maryland

Nobody is ready to let go of the Duke_UNC game just yet including me as you will see as you read on below.  But Duke has to put that game behind them and prepare to defend the home turf.  Duke should handle Maryland in that they have but so much fire power but overlook any team beyond the bottom dwellers and an upset can occur.  The Terps feature the leading scorer in the ACC in Terrell  Stoglin, but they're thin up front.  With a much improved N.C. State coming in next week, getting this game into the win column is a must to remain atop the conference and in the ACC race.

Has Duke found their go to guy?

The last question asked in Coach Mike Krzyzewski's press conference was about Austin Rivers and his ability to step up.  I know because I posed the question and I'd been seeing signs of young Rivers starting to get the college game.  Coach Krzyzewski basically said he needed his juniors and senior to step up but in the back of his mind, I am certain he saw exactly what I had.  Well, everybody saw it when he drilled a three point shot over Zeller as time ran out securing a win over arch rival North Carolina.  What you saw offensively is exactly what Rivers did on a regular basis on the AAU level but now he had one of those patented performances on the biggest stage possible.  Duke has found their go to guy and you can bet that the ball will be in his hands a lot as the season wears on.  The bottom line is that Austin Rivers blew up last night showing the kind of confidence that cannot be taught.  If Seth Curry and Rivers get on the same page, Duke will be much improved and last night was a good start towards that mix.   The key here is that Rivers wants to step up and he's become tougher each game out.  Much like I mentioned early on this season, at some point the light would go off for Rivers and that's exactly what happened against North Carolina.   Check out Duke Blue Planet's Comeback Video by clicking this link.

Good job Coach

Coach Krzyzewski kept his team confident and playing hard against North Carolina and they kept playing hard and the end result is the epitome of why you do so.  Krzyzewski shrewdly brought his team in without calling a timeout where he made the move to Tyler Thornton to guard Tyler Zeller.  The reason was that Zeller was the player he wanted fouled and the perceived mismatch caused North Carolina to play right into his hands.  Just before that, Roy Williams called a full timeout for strategy and his team totally came apart being outscored 10-0 down the stretch, struggling to get a shot off during the Blue Devils run.


The Blue Devils win will keep their streak of remaining in the top ten in the polls in tact at 88 straight.  Duke also ended the Tar Heels 31 home court winning streak, the longest in their history.  Coach Krzyzewski also kept the edge over his rival 37-36  and one must remember the arly lean years when taking those numbers in when he was building his program.  Krzyzewaki is 13-9 against Coach Williams.

Rasheed Sulaimon named to McDonald's All American Team

Coming in next season for Duke is a slick guard out of Texas, Rasheed Sulaimon and he's made the McDonald's All American team.  Sulaimon is potentially a lock down defender and he can slash about in a way I think you'll like for he brings the energy.  Duke has a bevy of prospects on the team as well starting with Shabazz Muhammad, a sky walker and complete player for his age.  Tony Parker also made the squad as did Amile Jefferson, a Philly kid Duke recently offered.  Jordan Jones, the sister of Duke verbal, Matt Jones made the girls team.

Amile Jefferson nears his decision

Duke prospect and top 20 rated Amile Jefferson is about to make his collegiate choice.  Here is a recent article link.  For more on this recruitment, join Blue Devil Nation Premium and discuss the matter with other members.  BDN Premium is an extended subscription service where you get the inside scoop on all things Duke Hoops.

Duke and Carolina

Here in the Triangle, the two teams have always been referred to as Duke and Carolina and not Duke and North Carolina.  And you have to understand some of the localese pronunciations.  Duke is "Deeyewk" and Carolina is "Carelina."  So, you add a bit of a "w" when you say Duke and lose the "r" when you say Carolina.   Also, if you're a Blue Devil fan never use the spelling "Dook" for it is derogatory like a gangsta slurring his rivals.  And "Dookie" is a no-no, but "Dukies," is okay.  What?

How big was Rivers shot and or where does it rank?

You see a lot of newspapers running stories on this and research is required for most, but ole Watzone was there is in person for Gene Banks shot in Cameron as well as Jeff Capel and his launched three.  I've seen most all of the famous shots but there is a separation point.  In this case, buzzer beaters to win games instead of great shots.  Rivers shot ranks third behind Christian Laettner's two shots.  The first is his shot heard round the world to beat Kentucky to go to the Final Four where Duke won. The second was a Laettner shot as well, versus UConn the year before, again in the NCAA's.  But Rivers shot will live for years to come and to me, it was the biggest shot in the lone Duke-UNC history.

Duke Basketball Recruiting Update – Coaches are working the trail hard this month

Key Duke prospect Jabari Parker - BDN Premium 1271 word recruting update posted.

The Holiday season is upon us and that means Duke Basketball plays just a couple of December games, but make no mistake, it is still a busy time.  The Duke Men's Basketball staff will put in their frequent flyer miles and burn a little rubber as they hit the recruiting trail and BDN Premium brings you an update on the latest news.

Coach Krzyzewski and assistant coach Jeff Capel will be in Dallas, Texas today to watch Julius Randle, the nations #2 ranked player in the class of 2012.  Duke will also see (1271 word update ahead for BDN Premium members) [private] Matt Jones, the shooting guard who just pledged to the Blue Devils.  There is no mistaking the fact that Duke hopes Jones will help recruit the banging horse, Randle.  And Rasheed Sulaimon may help there as well.  As I have said in past updates, the Blue Devils covet Randle and think they can get him and Jabari Parker and that would be just magical for the fan base.

Speaking of Jabari Parker, the top rated player in his class that is now being compared to Kobe Bryant by some, the staff will watch him in Fayetteville this weekend.  I have long maintained that I feel Duke is in incredibly good shape here and that they were in on Parker very early and have developed great relationships with the family.  Duke will also take in the Beach Ball Classis in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where they'll see him again at the end of this month.  Parker will have his parents in tow this weekend and probably Myrtle Beach as well.

And speaking of the the Beach Ball Classic, one of two top recruits left for this season at this time, Tony Parker will be there.  Duke continues to get good vibes from his camp, especially his parents who I have said for a long time now favor Duke.  Parker is a stressful prospect for Duke fans in that the Blue Devils really need him and or have a place for him.  I was the first to tell you that the December date was sketchy and that you cannot really go on what Parker says he'll do.  And that means the old line, don't listen to what he says, but watch what he does.  Parker is enjoying the process, a bit too much for most Duke fans taste for it makes little sense he would choose any situation but Duke for numerous reasons.  Of course, they have on royal blue glasses as well but even the objective observer sees the best spot for him is in Durham.  I still think he will end upo taking this until summer - late summer, so try and keep your composure and not go bad mouthing him in forums which could possibly damage the teams efforts.

Tyus Jones is a mature PG and leader - BDN Photo

We cannot leave out the top rated player in this seasons class, Shabazz Muhammad who will also be in Myrtle Beach.  UCLA, once considered a strong leader is now third in my opinion and as I said a bit back, it will come down to Duke and Kentucky.  His decision could hinge on Austin Rivers decision to go pro or stay at Duke, so this one as I have said all along will go to the podium the last day or so of the signing period in late summer.  And it doesn't hurt to dream and think that both Parker and Bazz might choose Duke taking all of the build up stress away and making us all five years younger in the process.  Muhammad could really flourish in the Duke system where I feel he would be more of a go-to guy than he would be at Kentucky.

Another Chicago are kid has caught the Blue Devils eye as well.  Jalhill Okafor is a bruising type in the class of 2014 and stands 6-10 and weighs in at 280.  Duke has mad in roads with him and they'll see him this weekend along with Jabari Parker.  I am looking forward to reporting on his game as I focus in on him solely  for the first time.  He plays AAU ball for the Mac Irwin Fire and they at times have so many good players, that it is hard to focus in on one early in the circuit season.

Two players that will play at the former Glaxo event in Raleigh will be Rasheed Sulaimon, already signed with Duke and young Theo Pinson.  Sulaimon will thrill the crowd for sure with his water bug like movement.  He glides around the court with high energy and his on ball defense is much improved, making me think he can be a stopper at Duke.  Our diary session kind of imploded due to his schedule, but he has said he will pick it up soon.  Pinson is another 2014 kid that liked Duke growing up.  He is an interesting wing that still seems to be growing at 6-5 and will likely be a small forward type in college, but he has good guard skills as well and like all Duke prospects, he has great character.  Okay, I know what you are thinking about that statement, but be nice as I said up top, LOL.

Juilus Randle is a true banger in the paint.

The City of Palms, Texas, Vegas .... the Blue Devils staff will be seeing a lot of kids this month.  Some of those will be individual visits to the likes of Tyus Jones and Austin Nichols.  The Blue Devils fell in love with Jones last year and I had already been there in that he always stood out to me.  During my last interview with Jones, I came away very impressed at his grounded maturity which is far ahead of his years.  And that kind of maturity is what you seek in a point guard.  Duke will be on this kid hard as will everybody else int he nation, but early returns are that he likes Coach K and Duke a lot.  Austin Nichols is a 6-8 slender forward approaching 200 pounds that the Devils staff will check out individually.  A lot of SEC schools are on the Tennessee native and a few from the Big East along with Butler.  Nichols caught the Blue Devils eye but it is early on this one, so we'll call it an on going evaluation.

On the team front, Coach K is very pleased with the 9-1 start to the season and the staff will take measures to try an assure there is no burnout from the added stress of the China trip.  There are a few nagging injuries (nothing major) but I only speak of them when announced and the team rarely does this.  The staff will be watching a lot of film, so expect a few new wrinkles as the new year moves in.  As I said, the plan is to redshirt Alex Murphy and Marshall Plumlee and this will be a good thing down the road for these will be seasoned and mature freshman.  And yes, I played a bit of a game in mentioning lineup changes the other week and many got a chuckle out of other sites running with it in public.  It pays to know Duke Basketball, wink-wink and to be a member of Blue Devil Nation Premium.  Thanks for being a member guys and let's go Duke!

Talk about this article on the Blue Devil Nation Premium Message Board, a part of your membership package and please do not share, copy and past this information per user agreement. There will be more news to follow in an addendum I will add to this update and we'll be on prospect hard.  This is where you will get an idea of what Blue Devil Nation Premium is all about. [/private]

Matt Jones talks of his decision to choose Duke

One of the top shooters in the class of 2013, Matt Jones, will play his college basketball career at Duke University.  Jones is a 6-5 shooting guard out of the state of Texas where he plays for DeSota High School.  Jones soared up the rankings while playing with his AAU team, the Texas Titans over the summer.  Jones is a flat-out dangerous outside shooter who nails the three ball on a regular basis.  The Blue Devils offered Jones after Coach K and his staff took a look at him during the Peach Jam this past summer.

"Duke is great, a great school. Coach K is just a really great person on and off the court, a great mentor and he’s really cool," Jones told Blue Devil Nation.  Jones picked Duke over Arizona, Baylor, Florida, Kansas and North Carolina and others.

When asked why he chose Duke, Jones stated, "I mean, I just felt confident in the coaches to take me to the next level both on and off the court."

His parents and AAU and high school coaches also helped him to make his decision to head to Durham after his high school career. Jones is also the teammate of another key Duke prospect, Julius Randle who plays on his Texas Titans AAU team.
I followed Jones on the AAU circuit and he is a complete player on the court who can penetrate and pass the ball well.  He is also a solid defender and of course a superb shooter. "Duke has always had great guards and shooters. Obviously, Coach K is a legend. Just a great coach. It’s a great school with a winning tradition and history. Great players and everything," said an elated Jones.
He continued by saying, "My family were as excited about this as I was, so that definitely made me feel more confident about the decision to go ahead and pick Duke."Jones also points to his faith as playing a big role in his life, stating,  "In life it helps me to make the right decision and gives me more confidence in that I am doing what God wants me to do.  It gives me more things to play for and I want to give God all my glory.  It just makes me work harder and gets me through things people don’t want to do."

Jones is in the midst of his high school basketball season and he is still working on areas of his game.  "I’m trying to get a little stronger, but mostly I want to work on my flexibility. I think I need to keep improving that area. I need to get more flexible."

Many thought the Texas shooting guard would choose Duke after his visit to Countdown to Craziness but Jones wanted time to make sure his decision was right for him; as time passed, Duke remained at the forefront and he felt it the was the right time to commit.  Jones is the first prospect in the class of 2013 to cast his lot with the Blue Devils and Duke continues to recruit other great players in the class, including Jabari Parker - the consensus top-rated player. With Jones, Duke continues to have good shooters on their roster and he will certainly feel the role as a specialist in that area.

For full site access and more on Jones and recruiting, join Blue Devil Nation Premium, our subscription service, and get all the inside information and discuss it with other members.  Here are previous BDN Videos with now Duke-bound Matt Jones


Offers Rolling in for Matt Jones – will visit Countdown to Craziness

Matt Jones is a 6-5 shooting guard out of the state of Texas where he plays for DeSota High School.  Jones soared up the rankings while playing with his AAU team, the Texas Titans over the summer.  Jones is a a flat out dangerous outside shooter who nails down the three ball on a regular basis.  The Blue Devils offered Jones after Coach K and his staff took a look at him at the Peach Jam in Augusta, South Carolina.  Jones was very excited about the offer at that time and he is looking forward to attending Countdown to Craziness in a couple of weeks.  Since the Duke offer, a lot of other schools starting making their moves.  We are talking the likes of Arizona, Kansas and North Carolina here, so it is safe to say, Jones will not slip under the radar again.  BDN spoke with Jones recently and we discussed the schools recruiting him and his thoughts on them among many other things.  Here is the latest BDN Premium offering for members.

The last time we spoke was during the Peach Jam in July.  What have you been doing since that time?

Since then I've just been going to school and doing the work and working out with my high school team.  I have been trying to get stronger, more explosive, things like that.

What kind of team will DeSoto put on the court this year?  Do you have a lot of guys back?

We should be very experienced with a bunch of seniors. I have confidence in that they know what they are doing, so we should have a pretty good team this year and be contenders for the state title.

Now, your projected position at the college level is the off guard.  What position do you play in high school?

In high school, I am sometimes a [private] wing guard, but we play a four guard system and I will play the four.

Can you list the schools that are recruiting you the hardest?

Kansas, Duke , Florida, Arizona, Baylor, just a lot of teams.  North Carolina, Arkansas, teams like that.

What about Kansas?  Can you talk about what you like about them?

I really like Kansas.  Coach Self has been in a couple of times to see me, so they are really good, I oculd see myself going there.


Same, just the same.  Coach Miller is really cool and I like where the team is headed.

How about the other schools listed?

With North Carolina, Coach Williams just tells me what he's done with players as for Baylor, I really like their coaching staff with Coach Drew, Coach Mills.  Like with Texas, it's kind of like the home school.

How many of these schools have offered you?

All of them.

When did UNC start recruiting you?

They came in the first or second day they could. Coach Williams and Coach Robinson.  Coach Williams called and offered me and it was a great honor.

Do you talk with other prospects?

I talk to Kasey Hill a lot.

Do you two discuss possibly playing with each other?

Yes sir.  Of course.

I know from past discussions that you are big on faith, playing for an AAU team where it is the center piece.  Can you speak to that and how it helps you?

In life it helps me to make the right decision and gives me more confidence in that I am doing what God wants me to do.  It gives me more things to play for and I want to give God all my glory.  It just makes me work harder and gets me through things people don't want to do.

You were 6-4 last time we spoke.  Any changes there?

Yes, I'm 6-5, 190 now.

Do you have a favorite basketball memory?

My favorite basketball memory was probably during my freshman year at DeSoto High School and it was a rivalry game in district and I hit the game winning three.

Okay, you know I run a Duke site but we like to try and remain objective around here.  What do you think of Duke?

Duke is great, a great school. Coach K is just a really great person on and off the court, a great mentor and he's really cool.  I'm really looking forward to going there for Countdown to Craziness and see the campus and social life and atmosphere.  I can definitely see myself going to Duke.

And you will soon be on the Duke campus for Countdown to Craziness ..

I am looking forward to it.  So many people have told me about it and how crazy it is.

Do you speak with any Duke players or prospects?

I talk to Rasheed (Sulaimon) a lot, but not any current players.

What is your basketball dream?

My basketball dream is to get my education doing something I love in playing basketball.  But first, getting a scholorship and going somewhere where I can play for championships and hopefully go to the next level.

What kind of staff do you like?  Easy going, serious or intense, etc.

I mean, I have experienced two coaching styles.  In AAU, it's a laid-back style and in high school it's more yelling at you ... I am used to both of them.  As long as the coach has the my best interest at heart as a player and person.

And who will help you make a decision on where you will play your collegiate career?

My parents, AAU coaches and high school coaches.

Tell me something about Matt Jones that most people wouldn't know.

I always wanted to sing so ... (laughs) Some people say I get on their nerves, but that's the way I let it out, so ...

And what do you like to sing?

I like singing Beyonce and other stuff.  Whatever I have going at that time.

Thanks for your time Matt and good luck with the process and finding the right school for you.

Thank you. [/private]

Duke Basketball Recruiting Updates

Duke hopes to have Matt Jones and Julius Randle come to Countdown to Craziness

The Duke University Men's Basketball staff has been and is currently still on the recruiting trail and there are lots of updates on Blue Devil Nation Premium, our subscription based service.  Come on inside and discuss the latest happenings and be made well aware who is receiving those visits and how they are going.  It's a great time to join BDN Premium! We want you to be a part of the most Dukecentric subscription site on the planet.  And not to worry, we will still have plenty of free stuff for all!  Go Duke!